Player Profile #11: Kenjo, Evony Private Eye

Meet Kenjo, private eye, both off the field and on the field in Evony! Kenjo was recommended highly by another player, Andrew, for his honorable contributions to new players and the entire community on his server (NA 22). Maybe you know him! He’s been around. :)

Private EyeKenjo, how long have you been playing Evony? What initially attracted you to the game?

I’ve been playing Age II since the advent of server NA 22.

You came highly recommended from another cool, active player in the community. You’re known to help the newbies and those trying to complete difficult quests. What drives you to help others so often in-game?

I think people forget this is a game and forget what it was like when they first started. People develop an ego, and forget what it was like for someone to teach them the game.

Outside of playing Evony, we heard you are passionate about racing! Do you take the track yourself or do you just like to watch from the sidelines?

Yes, I race both Motorcycles and Karts.

If you could own any exotic (read: shiny and expensive!) car, what would it be and why?

An Aston Martin DB9, because it’s not a red one with a horse on it. ;)

With the game being real-time, sometimes a battle on the battlefield can go down in mere minutes flashing before your eyes! Do you ever feel like watching a race is at all like fighting an exciting battle in Evony?

Yes, haha. When someone ports in with ill intentions and things start flashing, my heart rate goes up a bit.

Being from Australia, do you find you have a different experience playing Evony than some of your friends from other countries because of time difference?

No, most people who play Evony either work odd hours or just play pretty often, and often late at night.

As an investigator, your job is an interesting one. Can you tell us what a typical day on the job is like for you?

Well, I can say that you get abused just about every day and everything is your fault. It’s not easy!

Have you found that your investigation skills from work have helped you succeed in Evony? Have a secret reputation for investigating and weeding out the spies we should know about?

Yes, I seem to find out most things that are happening before other people, but I don’t know why…

Would you like to give a shout out to your alliance or any of your in-game friends?

Yes, to Andrew (Warbound), LilB, DirtyAussie and all the crews from NWO and NWO2. And if I could suggest anything for the game, I’d love to see more ways to obtain Silver Keys! :)
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