Facebook Fan Round-up: “You Know You Love Evony When…”

Welcome to the latest community round-up, a series of posts in which we shine a spotlight on some of our favorite player comments from the Evony Official Facebook. This time we asked players what was their best “You know you love Evony” moment they had experienced in their everyday lives. For example, “You know you love Evony because you try to pay for everything with cents!” or “You know you love Evony when you friends ask for your address, you give them your coordinates!”
Here are a few great responses you shared with us on our Facebook wall!
Willyum Lamar – “You know you love Evony when you wake up in the middle of the night telling everyone you just capped Atlantis solo…. Then you realize you were asleep…”
Liam Smith – “Every time you pass by a forest, you wonder how many archers are in there.”
Christine Shaw – “I love Evony – for one reason – giving me friends I wouldn’t have without it.”
ReBecca Dunn – “You know someone loves Evony when you give someone your phone number and tell them to text you if you need any resources. Lol.”
Charles Wilson – “You know you love Evony when you fall asleep and start sleep talking saying “I’ve got to upgrade my homes.”
Angel Essman – “You know you love Evony when you’re watching TV and you compare troop counts to the ones on TV. Oh man my archers are better than his………..”
Frederick Burkert – “You know you love Evony when you drive by buildings and wonder what level they are.”
Travis Roe – “You know you love Evony when you think of using a Thunder Raid to make the bus go faster.”
Chamuco Evony – “You know you love Evony that when instead of house hunting for a new home, you call it “scouting”.”
We received so many hilarious comments, it’s just impossible to highlight them all! The only way to get featured here though is to just chat with us regularly on our Facebook posts! If you don’t see your name today, you might be up here next time!
Evony is a fun game to spend time playing, and it’s always interesting to see how time away still ties back into the world of Evony. To our players out there who have fun playing and take the time to laugh at the similarities they see, thank you! Just remember, coordinates are not a valid replacement for your address when you order a pizza. :)
Happy Battling!

Evony Community Playlist #5 – Craving Some Metallica with a Hint of a Singing Rapper?

It was feeling a little quiet yesterday, don’t you think? For a Music Monday – that’s just inexcusable! So we had you all suggest the songs for the fifth playlist to keep those ears jamming today. As always you guys love Metallica, Pink Floyd, and ACDC with a few popular suggestions for Lil Wayne’s “How to Love” as well. Yep. Rappers can sing. Now we’ve seen everything…
Click the link to jump to the playlist: http://pl.st/p/22483855883
**Note: Due to music laws and creative copyrights, the songs may or may not play from your location, so we have included the full list below just in case!
1. Skillet – Awake and Alive
2. Lil Wayne – How to Love
3. Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls
4. Pantera – War Nerve
5. Thunderstruck – ACDC
6. Godsmack – Cryin Like a Bytch
7. Five Finger Death Punch – The Bleeding
8. Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow
9. Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla
10. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
Did your suggestion make the list?

30,000 Cent Bull Bonanza – Running of the Bulls Celebration! Winners Announced~! [Part 2]

Ready for the rest of the winners to be revealed? RELEASE THE CENTS!
For the city-shout out, to make it more fair, if you were from a small town, we decided to include you for a chance to win with the whole of your state. If you were from a small town outside the US we decided to count all of the players together from your country to increase everyone’s chances to win. With over 60 players reigning from Chicago (that posted on the contest thread, that is) — this city had the most players band together and shout-out their city by a landslide! Below are ten randomly chosen winners from the winning area!
7/12 – What’s worse than being chased by a bull…!? (Facebook)
Carol Hightshoe, “As a kid – I had a BIG Cockroach (Texas) fly off a wall and chase me down the hall – I still hate the damn things and won’t go near ‘em.”
Sean McNamara, “The scariest creature I attempt to run away from has been around as long as I can remember, and no matter what I do, it ALWAYS finds me. It creeps up, and smothers me, and attempts to destroy me for 24 hours at a time. It then lets be regain my strength for 144 more hours before attacking me and draining the life out me of again. This mythical create is known only as ‘Monday’.”
Bethesda Asprey, “Something along the lines of zombies if I was going to be cliche and teenage, but more realistically I’d say bull hippos ;___; they may look big and slow but man can they charge on land!”
Ryan Anderson, “A great white shark wearing bib with my picture on it and smiling.”
Nel Yilmaz, “It has got to be a CAMEL SPIDER! Those things are hideous…if you see what they look like im sure you would all run screaming too!”
7/13 – Evony City Shout-out! (Facebook)
Jeffrey Reynolds
Kraig Evony
Connor Speedy Evony
Mike Matthews
Floyd Sullens
Jim Solak
Juan Rosales
Alec Severins
Jean Pierre Van Thong
Wade Tanner
And what you’ve all worked so hard to achieve… 5,000 Tweets? Well… WE MADE IT! But only because everyone worked together. You might want to thank Patrice Gumbs for the extra special effort she put in to helping everyone make it! ;) The prize is in the works and will be revealed and shared with everyone shortly. Thanks for being patient.
Congrats to all the winners! We love having the community get together and participate in these celebrations. Keep your eyes peeled as we start plotting what’s next for you all… :)
**If you won, keep an eye out within the next few days or so for a message from Evony on Facebook with your prize codes and instructions on how to redeem your winnings.

Real-Life Skill Building through Evony: Part 2

Last week we started to explore the skills that Evonians have develoed through the game that they’ve then applied to their day to day lives.  If you missed that post, you can check it out here.

  • Generosity – Daily gifting on Facebook is your friend. If you haven’t set up a schedule of giving (and receiving) to your alliance via Facebook, there’s no time like the present! Outside of the Wheel of Fortune, this is the best way to get free resources in Evony. The benefits of real-life generosity are almost too great to spell out, but this example from a Starbucks drive-through often comes to mind.
  • Communication – Whether you’re coordinating attacks with your alliance or hastily calling for backup after a sneak attack, it’s crucial to get your message out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Similarly, if you’re writing an article for school or a TPS report, you want to convey your ideas clearly. It’s important to let your teammates know precisely which aspects of a project are under your jurisdiction, so that nothing slips through the cracks.
    • Evony Player N. Thompson notes that he has a much easier time talking to people in the real world after getting comfortable opening up to his Evony alliance.
  • Math – As you’ll see in this eHow article and many others like it, a few calculations can make a huge impact on the success of your next invasion. Many players use spreadsheets to do the math related to resources, NPC farming and other stats-based predictions. Evony teaches you about odds, a skill that’s useful not just at the poker table or sportsbook, but in the world at large. “ArmyChimp” on Server 38 has built up math skills, and is looking to meet new people from around the world.
  • Patience – Sure, build times and recharge times can be taxing, but sometimes they’re a great excuse to grab a meal or go outside. Evony also teaches players patience with a firm beat-down from time to time, haha. As the WSJ article states, “Research shows that gamers spend on average 80% of their time failing in game worlds, but instead of giving up, they stick with the difficult challenge and use the feedback of the game to get better.” And patience never hurts when searching for those elusive rose medals = ]

It’s plain to see that a wide range of skills are applicable between Evony and the workplace or classroom. So next time your teacher or boss catches you planning an archer rush, you can direct them to this post. Consider it your alibi; we’ll see you soon on the battlefield!

Real-Life Skill Building through Evony: Part 1


There’s simply no sugar coating it; Evony is not for the weak or the slow-witted. It takes some serious skills to rise to the top of your server, and to truly master your realm you’ve got to be both studied and precise in your actions on the battlefield. In fact, Evony helps cultivate certain abilities that transfer over to help players in the real world, at their jobs and at school.  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, video games provide a wide range of tangible benefits, including the power to make players feel like the best version of themselves. This post explores the myriad ways that skills through Evony translate to the real world.



  • Organization – A good player will keep track of not only their current troop roster, but also their food, materials and build queue. Some advanced players set timers to help them keep track of their progress and maximize their potential. The applications for these skills in the workplace are obvious, since multitasking is an essential skill. Things like to-do lists and reminders are just as effective in the game world as they are at the office.
    • Evony player Sangui has observed a “definite improvement in time management skills!”


  • Planning – While the majority of video games let you barge in guns-blazing, that tactic just isn’t sustainable on the battlefields of Evony. You may claim a few fluke victories here and there, but every serious player knows that scouting and research are an essential part of every major victory. And if you find yourself in dire straits, you can “start from scratch” by teleporting to a new area and forming a brand new plan. Same goes for the real world. By laying out your agenda for the week, you have a much better sense of what you’ve accomplished and what still remains.


  • Teamwork – Good luck taking down a level 12 HC on your own – it’s hard for most players to send in enough troops and still keep an eye on your own base. However, with a handful of players working together, this task is suddenly doable. Many hands do indeed make light work. As the WSJ piece points out, “Studies show that we like and trust someone better after we play a game with them—even if they beat us.”
    • Evonian M. Mouton says “I have learned management skills in my position as host, identifying people’s strengths and weaknesses so they can best serve the alliance. I’ve learned diplomacy and mediation skills as well.”


  • Compassion – Because Evony is a persistent world, it’s important to have your alliance “watching your back” when you’re away from a computer for a significant amount of time. It prevents your from getting raided or otherwise caught unawares. If you are sick and miss a day of school, it pays to have a friend take notes for you and collect assignments. At the office, it pays to have a trustworthy persona be your “out of office” to handle any urgent requests that may arise. In either case, you help out your friend knowing that they will do the same for you when the roles are reversed.


  • Camaraderie – Countless players have built up friendships through the in-game chat, on the BBS forums and through Facebook. By working together on a shared goal. According to that WSJ article, “We’re more likely to help someone in real life after we’ve helped them in an online game,” and a perfect example is the recent case where a man’s Evony friends saved his life.


Over 300 players responded to our recent Facebook post about gaining real life skills. Evonian R. Reamer notes how Evony can teach you “patience, goal setting, planning, working within limitations, concurrent activities, diplomacy and people skills.” Evonian S. McDonald has even observed that his typing skills have improved!


Stay tuned next week when we post Part 2 of the Real Life Skills series.