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The Evony Wiki is an invaluable resource for all Evony players with detailed information covering all aspects of the game! New players will find a wealth of information on getting started and prospering in the game while dedicatedplayers will easily pull ahead of their competition when they tap into the wiki’s complete knowledge base.

EvonyURL lets you save and share your Age I and Age II battle report links quickly and easily! What more to say?

Evony Advanced Guide aims to help players who would spend a fair amount of time on the game and players who wish to become one of the strongest on the server.

30 thoughts on “Evony Fansites

  1. Please merge ss58!!!!!!!!!
    I know Age2 is your big priority but don’t forget about us Age 1 People!

  2. Forget about banning bots, They Make IT easy to farm for res, lol as in farming them. :D . Please stop Stuffing about trying to make tons of money. How about giving us some mergers, Like server 156 ( Its almost dead) One alliance and 5 alliances worth of alts) Comon

  3. Yeah, just ban the alts…keep everyone on a somewhat level playing field…bots are bad enough but 5 bots running 5 accounts from the same computer can’t be that hard to spot.

  4. I think NA29- Rapier needs merged. Only a few thousand still play it, most people are inactive or someones alt account.

  5. ss45 needs merger before downloading any fan kits… as at this moment I am NOT an Evony fan

  6. oh and people that haven’t played for over a year need to be wiped not so hard to do is it… instead of leaving them to clog up the map and the servers

  7. ( SS 54 ) Everyone the people with Bots are the same ones that keep spending that $30, do you really think that they are going to cut there own throat ? They laughing at you all the way to the Bank !!!

  8. NA29-Rapier needs merge. New players can’t start well coz of Big players. and also.. there are only few who are actively playing. Alliances cannot reach a 100 members.

  9. I hear you all complaining… and I get it. But heres the hard facts. Evony isnt here to be a Customer Service driven company. THEY WANT YOUR MONEY! PERIOD!! I cant say this enough and I know this wont be up long once they catch wind of it because the truth hurts but Botter are Evony’s BIGGEST MONEY MAKERS!!! thats why guys like Stryfe on 161 who carry 1.1 BILLION prestige.. 400 MILLION higher than the next closest and who hold close to 100 million troops are allowed to continue playing. Anyone and I mean ANYONE who understands even the most simplest mechanics of the game knows NOONE can feed millions of troops by being a hands on player unless ur awake 24/7 farming 10′s and 5′s all day. they KNOW he bots yet hes still there. I Dont play anymore and im only using him as one example because EVERY server has a player like him on it but get it thru your heads people.. Botters pay more money to play than any “Hands-On” player ever will so dont expect them to go anywhere. Find something better to do with your time and get away from the Pay-For-Power games if you cant handle the way Evony runs the game because there are MANY “P-F-P” games around that are “Free-To-Play” which only means “Free-To-Play-If-You-Dont-Mind-Getting-Pwned-By-Those-That-Spend-Every-Free-Dime-They-Have-To-Be-OverPowering”

  10. k most dont like this new comforting change its suppose to stop the big botters comforting but as i see it, if the equasion is worked out by pres they will just drop pres if its worked out some other way they will just add more accs so they r able to comfort and the smaller person isnt so that isnt helping anyone dont see any winners other than the people with large amounts of farming accs r coin up more often than the smaller person

  11. also the same few people on multiple servers r building like 1k heros in a time frame of a month this is completely unrealistic it all seems to be the same group of people get rid of the comforting thing it will not help anyone who actually needs it

  12. This goes out to all u waa waa’s! I been with evony sence they went from civony to evony in 09, some troop recipe’s u use I hlp make or made myself. I have beaten bots, coiners, noobs BUT I been beat by the same. What I’m sayin is its a game and if you do not like how its plaid then DON’T F*n play it, we who like it here get tired of u (who can’t figure it out), bithcin all the time! Evony technicaly is a bot its self, the other bots are just a tool to hlp ppl that don’t have a friend to watch their accnt while they sleep.. Anyways, said my peace! For all u exo vetrans havein a good time, I’ll see u on the battle field LOL :D

  13. and what evo r going to do with the extra candy’s from this promo leave them in our item box or give them all to us … cause i still have a ton of the gilded horn things

  14. Please merge ss70!!!!!!!!!
    I know Age2 is your big priority but don’t forget about us Age 1 People!

  15. Please merge ss70!!!!!!!!!We need it. I ‘am think about give it up it is not fun no more need new meet merge we need it
    I know Age2 is your big priority but don’t forget about us Age 1 People!

  16. Hurry and merge NA32! we are dying,we’ve killed almost everyone and need competition.

    Thanks Evony

  17. Evony is a smart Game the creator of this game should get so much credit for all the features . I have a suggestion to Evony team maybe if you dont mind restricting hits from a huge prestige holder to a small prestige holder because unfortunately none of the small guys can enjoy this game because the sick mind that is fuelled by greed and snobbish behaviour some players have once they build army with the help of some kind of cheating software’s which looks like no one is able to control.
    At least if you can allow us to enjoy a much fair game when you just allow equal prestige players attacking or with just a difference of 3 mil prestige then we will have cheaters attacking cheaters and fair gamers attacking fair gamers..maybe this will work cleaning the servers of cheaters and if you make a rule that Atlantis (000,000) will be having a short term of ability to be hold by an alliance as in every 6 months to be an automat system which allows the owner to get his army out of there in his next in line city he owns and then Atlantis to become an NPC again for 24 hrs until a different alliance will be able to own it and in such way that none of the players of that alliance should be able to get a shut at the atlantis if the alliance and player was not in that alliance for at least 6 months …hahaha that would be interesting to watch the switch of power restricting some cheaters to own that over and over again … a bit like a revolution of switching power and eliminating the dictatorship in servers around Evony .That’s a challenge from me to you , I am the idiot one you be the smart team to figure out how to do it . :)

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