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Hi folks, I wanted to make a quick devblog entry regarding a change we’ve been working on with the comforting system. For a long time it’s been extremely over powered. For what was a handful of food, one could repeatedly comfort in their city, completely blocking out other players from ever having the chance to take a city they’ve earned. This is a heavily overused feature, especially within the population of players who account share and bot, due to the low cost, and ease of using it to mount a completely unbeatable defense. While it is part of the game, and has been unchanged for a long time, it’s a detriment to the spirit of fair combat, it removes challenge, and it rewards cheating.

With those realities in mind, we changed the feature up a little. Now the cost will be scalable, and related to the actual makeup of both your cities and how you use the comforting feature. As you use the comforting feature more, the cost increases. After some time, the cost reduces. We’ve done this to take a step towards bringing more fair combat back, and to make defense less of a sure thing if someone is willing to resort to defense by comfort.

Currently, we’re using a formula that will determine food cost, then we apply a modifier based on the amount of times you use the feature within a period. Currently it caps at 10mil, but we’ll be watching that cap and see if we need to move it up or down.



514 thoughts on “Comforting Change

  1. Ignoring all the rhetoric and bile in simple terms it comes doen to exactly what the person who compared it ti poker said:

    We have played a game with the same rules for well over 3 years, and now one of those rules has been blown out of the water completely.

    It is no longer the same game. We should all be compensated everycent we have spent to allow us to go away and do something less boring instead.

    And you are correct, this change only favours the coiners and the cheaters, because they are the ONLY ones who can keep up with the cost of comforting or have the troops to not need it (those who say “have the troops” do make me laugh given they are the biggest cheats out there)

    But it doesn’t matter (flame away cheats I could care less). The owners of this game havechanged it beyond all recognition, it’s simply no longer worth playing since the playing field is now so hideously skewed to coiners and cheats.

    Enjoy! But hey, given the retarded responses we ALWAYS get from evony staff we shouldn’t be surprised.


  2. still doesnt make a difference ur change as i sayed b4 2 people with different amounts of food for instance one a 100b one at 100m the person with 100b would’nt even be effected when it came to a battle but 10 comforts and the smaller player would be f*cked leaving the big player to wipe the smaller player so this is just a waste of time and money on ur part

  3. Are the comfort rules afected by prestige? I have several players on my server that purposely dropped prestige in an attempt to undermine comfort rules.

  4. All I got to say is I’ve been in holiday for 40 days and still get 10 million to confort so Dave stop trying clearing your consience about the good of your clients Evony never gave 2 sh!ts about them and never will, Free for Ever my a$$ its all about who buys cents and Items and always will be.

  5. If you ask me this is a poorly thought out patch that was screwed up when it was applied, Praying has always taken GOLD to use and to have it now take food like Disaster Relief does just makes one of them completely pointless to use now.

  6. Quote from Dave Mata: “As you use the comforting feature more, the cost increases. After some time, the cost reduces.”

    When does the reduction kick in, mine has now been maxed at 10M since day 1 this was introduced, has not been used since, yet has still not come down yet.

  7. hi, following my earlier posts… IS THERE ANYONE FROM EVONY WHO WILL CHAT ABOUT THIS?

    I am on ss58 just about to close my game … i know other players also that will be doing that.

    I want to officially complain:- i have now been hit for most of the last month by one player 200m plus prest (i am just over 4 mill), I know for a fact he is playing from at least 4 accounts – actively, he has at least 20 – 25 alt accounts, he does bot, (from screen shots i have taken he generally hits from 3 or 4 cities .. 100k wave cav/scout, most are no more than 2 seconds apart..some 3 seconds, the times i have been on i have never seen the hits stall so if he does it manually he never makes a mistake…. so out of 190 hits..not one error or log effect?.. is that really possible? manually i would say not .. bot usage i would say yes. I do know for a fact he uses mulit accounts and a bot..hes in 2 alliances at least… host of one, he has a nest of approx. 50 cities – You have banned a player recently for multi account/botting why are you allowing other players to get away with it too? They do say they have friends in high places ..but really these players will have no where to go ..once all the smaller players have been bullied away.. while i am typing this i am being hit yet again..only 8 waves from 3 cities this time…. What are evony going to do with these players that are breaking the rules in many ways…come on Evony if you want to make it a level playing field and enable a lot more players to come back into the game …listen to what we have to say… look at these cheating players with their multi accounts, bots, glitch (access). Give us all a chance … the small players are your bread and butter too. Please contact me for further information … and start to ban more of the cheating hoards.. crazy rule changes we can kinda cope with.. but cheating super sized players as well.. REALLY

  8. ps…. i even have a screen dump of his allinace group mail telling them how to level up heros in YAEB

  9. This comfort change has only let the bullies do things without any penalty. Before when I got hit by account with prestige 10x mine I could disaster relief/pray and save the city, but not I can not any more because food cost goes up so fast. Reach the max when you are farmed a lot. You should prevent the bullies via only allow attacks within a range of your prestige. Then stop prestige dumping and the bullies do not have the advantage any more or at least less of an advantage.

  10. I also used to play on ss58 and no, i am not “sickandtired”. i quit a few weeks ago, actually before the new comforting policy was enacted but i have kept up with developments. This policy will only drive smaller players, especially those in smaller alliances, away from the game. (In case you are wondering, I was not a “smaller” player nor was I in a smaller alliance, but I do have some sense of what constitutes “fair play”.)

    There are now cities on ss58 with food bills well over 1 billion an hour. There is no possible way that such a city could exist if it’s owner did not bot and multi-account. If such a city shows up next door to you, there is no way that you can successfully defend yourself unless you bot and multi-account (that is to say, unless your own troop count is within an order of magnitude of your attacker’s), or unless someone in your alliance ports in to help you, and then your teammate would have to be a multi-accounting botter.

    There is nothing that the smaller player can do to save his city that doesn’t require him to either cheat or spend cash money. (And the cheating option requires long-term commitment.)

    Evony’s claim that cheats will not be tolerated is just plain ridiculous. One of the biggest players on ss58 was recently permanently banned but it appears to me that he was chosen at random for special treatment. All of the top players on the server run multiple accounts with bots. Either you apply the rules inconsistently and sporadically to the point of randomness or else the rules are intentionally (at some level) applied unevenly, perhaps as a result of players who have the ear of employees within your organization (or players who ARE employees).

    In any case, World Chat is mostly dead. So is the server. I am happy to be free of it but I am concerned for my friends who are still trying to flounder through muck which is the result of either incompetence or corruption.

  11. look up ‘compact defense’ … it is a way which a small army can basically stop ANYTHING thrown at it. i won’t say how it’s done because i want to be able to take citys :)

    this game would be too hard for any ‘small’ player that ‘grows’ ; if that then ‘new big’ player could not have the farming automated. NO-ONE on this game can ‘grow’ without the bot. the big flaw in this game is having to ‘maintain’ your army by ‘sitting at a PC all day’. that is not HEALTHY and this makes the game break GAMING REGULATIONS

    this is why the bot IS allowed and accepted. it is far easier than evony having to ‘change’ how food is gathered and still remain within GAMING GUIDELINES FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY.


    most alliances of particular strength will respect new players and allow them to grow,,,especially since it is pointless attacking them,,,,they have nothing to give to the bigger player and probably have 1 city anyway.

    it is only usually big mouths that get attacked regardless of their size.
    DIPLOMACY goes a long way in evony.

    remember…the BIG players were little fish once.
    you either have what it takes or it will take whatever you have from you :)


  12. I like this feature, the game has evolved and this proves Evony can evolve with the skills of the players

  13. “…While it is part of the game, and has been unchanged for a long time, it’s a detriment to the spirit of fair combat…”

    …and what do you call the War Teleporter? I will give credit where it is due – the War Teleporter is a GREAT idea, but where the developers have manipulated the “Comforting” feature to ALL PLAYERS to “even” the playing-field, the War Teleporter is ONLY available to those who COIN, or win coin on the wheel.

    I think what you MEANT to say was the manipulation of the “comforting” feature ALONG WITH the inclusion of the War Teleporter was all intended to make non-coiners COIN, and place the balance of fairness in the hands of those who COIN.

    Game Officially Ruined Evony

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