Comforting Change

Hi folks, I wanted to make a quick devblog entry regarding a change we’ve been working on with the comforting system. For a long time it’s been extremely over powered. For what was a handful of food, one could repeatedly comfort in their city, completely blocking out other players from ever having the chance to take a city they’ve earned. This is a heavily overused feature, especially within the population of players who account share and bot, due to the low cost, and ease of using it to mount a completely unbeatable defense. While it is part of the game, and has been unchanged for a long time, it’s a detriment to the spirit of fair combat, it removes challenge, and it rewards cheating.

With those realities in mind, we changed the feature up a little. Now the cost will be scalable, and related to the actual makeup of both your cities and how you use the comforting feature. As you use the comforting feature more, the cost increases. After some time, the cost reduces. We’ve done this to take a step towards bringing more fair combat back, and to make defense less of a sure thing if someone is willing to resort to defense by comfort.

Currently, we’re using a formula that will determine food cost, then we apply a modifier based on the amount of times you use the feature within a period. Currently it caps at 10mil, but we’ll be watching that cap and see if we need to move it up or down.



514 thoughts on “Comforting Change

  1. I quit the game due to F..king botters. Why don’t you guys actually make a change that benefits everybody equally and get rid of the damn BOTTERS!!!!!! Or make a server or three that is strictly for non-coiners only!!! And non-botters!!! Botters ruined the game for me and I have played since Civony beta, you lost a long term player who has spent money.

  2. So with this new found spirit of fair combat, how can a city then stay at between 12/13 Loyalty for several hours. I think after pounding a city for more than 5 hours you have certainly earned the right to take it.
    I have also noticed that more and more cities are sticking on 1 loyalty since you have introduced this.
    But i;m sure you in your infinite wisdom will blame this on anything other than the fact you have yet again tried to ruin the game.

  3. You know if you were playing a game of 7 card draw poker and you have $$$ in the pot and the dealer decides to changes the rules or game play to 5 card draw with out any notice don’t you believe you should have the option to pull your $$$ out of the pot?
    I beleive Evony should have to give back your $$$ if they change the rules or game play after they get your $$$ on a server before any changes are made don’t you?

  4. yea i agree but that wouldnt be but a few hundred that i feel evony should refund me cause of the rules changes to help the coiners like the devil strats and the taking away of the ammies and now the cost of food for comforting rules that have been changed to help like i said the coiners botters and other cheaters with 40 accounts like ncturnal on na9 take him out of the game na9 could make you more money but i guess you satisfided with what he spends

  5. After watching this thread and making a comment of my own i have realized something….

    Nothing is going to change, they came in changed the rules and that is finale. They wont fix the change, cause while we are sitting here complaining about it (and i do agree our complaining is with good cause) we are also still playing and while we continue playing it effects them none.

    Unfortunately for all of us that is the sad and honest truth, they dont care what we think about their changes so long as they are still earning money, they wont stop earning unless everyone stops playing, and come on we all say it but we never do it, think about it, how many of you are really going to quit?

  6. I dont know were my previous comment went, I guess I made too much sense. You are NOT trying to make this a fair game. Your trying to get more and more features that have been free under a price tag. Do you honestly think that your going to make MORE money by doing this? Your alienating you base players. the ones that make this game what it is. everyone that plays this game “Evony, Free forever” is starting to feel more and more scammed. If you want to make money on this, restore the game the way it was a year or two ago and you will have people competing so hard, they will spend money on your rip off packages. As it stands, people are leaving in flocks and no players= no money. TRY to remember that before you make anymore changes.


    if you have troops and defense skills you wouldn’t need to comfort.

    some of you says:
    what if i;m offline! well too bad! your out of luck! As well evony has it in
    their T.O.S that they allow a babysitter! but u have to let evony know. but
    also we have truce, and holiday to prevent that from happening. so u had
    one of those 3 choices.. Dont have any truce or holiday or even a babysitter
    then too bad! specially the game require full time players. so why are u wasting time? either play right or quit!

  8. with the new comforting changes, opening gates and winning a battle should result in a grievance reduction (that could even temporalarly cause grievance to even go Neg, if you were at 0 grievance before the win (call it Euphoria over win) that would result in more troop building and actual defending on all active accounts, while still making it possible to remove those doing no defending, just comforting

    That way accounts that actually build and use troops to defend, and are reinforced by alliance mates, are not penalized the same as an account with nothing but resource fields in the city.

    The point of the change in comfort seems to make it possible to cap undefended accounts with no troops uses to feed other accounts, who abused comforting

  9. I have to agree on that statement because I have attacked cities with no wall defences other than one od each, trap and abits and the city was only used to farm my npc’s and only 2 flats away from one of my cities.
    I hit him with everything but the kitchen sink and with the comforting and getting the city down to 5 loyelty he truced on me so yeah it pretty discourging if someone is online to comfore or truse and as most know that bots are on 23. 45 hours a day.
    But I also have to disagree with the new change in comforting becauase it hurs the little guy to much so a cam pn a players press should be emplimenet as if they were a in BP.if they have to paly on a coin server because Evony doean’t have any free servers that i know of unless you can find a dead server some whare that only has bots that do noting but farm npc’s for presteage and never attackes anything else.

  10. I can see why the comforting changes were made. Beating the bot via change to comfort was needed. But this change only has gone half way, it doesn’t address the bot offense. If anything it still rewards cheating because anybody who runs a bot can now break your city and input the spam attack or loy attack script and let their bot capture your city. Where is the equality? I’m all for beating the bots, but it has to go both ways, otherwise there is no hope for a server that has playing field so far tilted in one sides that there is no hope for fair combat if the offensive botter can still kill you and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Either eliminate the offensive botter as you have eliminated the defensive botter or I’m done….

  11. Do any of you realize that Evoney is run by bots, you don’t think the staff refills the npcs or changes the lvl of vallies do you?
    Yeah believe it ot not bots actually are like NPC”s but amaging them being a lv.20 npc!
    How many troops you need to farm a lv.10 pnpc, 90k arch, 1k wo, 1k warr, 4k scouts 2k trans for example!
    Well you have to scout the bot cities to see if they can be farmed the same way you scout a lv.10 to get a low att hero for less loses.
    I still beleive if they don’t want to have a free Evony server with no coiners then put an effin cap of a players presteage just like Evony has on the resourses a lower Pres player cant send resourses to a higher pres palyewr ort they will get plundered except the cap would be like BP for the smaller players that coiners can reck.

  12. make it so coiners will have to play ageanst one another and low pres play against each other ahveing a balance palying fiels and server giving nopaying players time to learn the best startagies to take on bigger players including a coiner if he has allaince mates to work as a team?

  13. I could set hear and think of all kids of things that can be tweaked to ballance out the playing field so everybody is happy and not even ahve to deal with a bot if it’s out of your presteage group!

  14. All the dead accounts on servers if the Pres doesn’t move for a given time period them Evony should remove it like they do the NPC’s we need to afrm for food.
    coiners crayed because they were no flats to port into and had to spend $$ on ports to port out an NPC to move into the spot.
    I just see no real thinking for the better really goes into the game for fair combat and is more about $$$.

  15. Botters are over running this game, on my server theres botters everywhere, Evony knows about them, my whole alliance has sent multiple reports each, we just wish you guys would ban botters, its an extrmly unfair advantage

  16. It’s sad, I love this game. But I quit due to botters..Coiners I can catch up to eventually. I loved the people playing for the most part, enjoyed the friendships made. Evony cares nothing for the players, they really do not. If they truly gave a crap, really cared, they’d make a bot free game. Bots are cheating, plain and simple. Another reason I left, it had become soooooooo tiresome having to farm 100 NPC’s every, single, friggin day just to maintain a high level of troops. They kinda got the food thing half way right in Age 2, at least you did not lose your troops. Now they need to figure a way to really reduce the food requirements. I work and was only on once a day, I simply could not farm enough in the three of four hours I was on in the evening to keep up. You guys are bleeding players. Keep it up. Good job..

  17. What I have said before about heavy spenders leaving is true. I know 3 who have already put away their credit cards, and dropped current servers, refusing to use anything but the bot (which costs evony money if they don’t pay on top of it) thanks to this. They will be joining the next server with several accounts, evony won’t find them, they’ll be botting, all accounts aiding each other, and they will not spend a dime until they find a balancing position to play against others. Many of the others I know this server are in the process of playing their last servers entirely, stating to me it has been nothing but downhill for them since they started taking away free player advantages. Most of them have said they enjoyed the glitchers trying to keep them on their toes, going head to head with brand new faces. Something you’ll notice, spenders generally have been here longer. Well, they won’t be now. They don’t enjoy god stomping everything in existence with no challenge. Most coiners are offended by non coiners because non coiners whine constantly about the packs being sent and blinking at them, so they join forces. They don’t do it to gain strength (not the best at least). Evony did this because they were already loosing money thanks to their many failed attempts to make their business prosper. I have been seeing a cooldown over the past year. This game, if they don’t change their attitude soon, is destined for failure. A second rate free to play game where the income generated is barely enough to pay to keep the servers on (but not updated nor maintained). Meaning, unlike it’s sid meir’s predecessor, it’s life is over long before it was at it’s prime. Thanks, that is, to shoddy business idea’s. Evony, a word of advice. Never bite the hand that feeds you, and an old trick that will take you back to the top, the customer is always right. ;)

  18. This comfort resolution really negative affects the bots they are so much eaiser to beat now, so stop whinning about them, build and army and kill them. Stop playing farmville here…

  19. So now if they don’t actually take your city, but zero you out, you have no chance of recovering unless someone is willing to send you 10 mil food per comfort required to bail you out? Yeah, that sounds like a fair solution. And since when is comforting a “completely unbeatable defence”?

  20. since when is comforting a “completely unbeatable defence”?

    I know some people really dont know the game, but you should. A bot with a warehouse was impossible to beat with the old comfort, now its not.
    If you are in an alliance that cant give you a few millions food to recover, well my advice, change to another alliance

  21. I’m not a vrey experienced player and I was just wondering how many of you who has left comments about bots even know how one even works and where in the scripts is the string comman to attack another players written?

    Some of you remind me of people who will cry about domeone hacing your computer when you do something dumb and delet a system file.
    If you knew how to hack then you would know that it’s not like sh1t you see see on TV or at the movies.
    To know something is of no fear to you, it’s the unknown that you know noting about that causes you to fear it.
    If you know your variabilities are then you can look for ways to counter act against it.
    learn how a bot works, get one in a alt account and use it and use your main account to attack it and see if you can learn how to write the script for the bot to attack your main acc smaller city.
    Go on and on crying but yet cant or dont even care to try and by posting your bot tears here it gives you a vent and some satisfaction so you will feel better and git all that bot frustration out of your system and then go on and play Evony and except the comfort change.

  22. After 3 years of playing this game on the same server, I for one know there are no small players on my server. All new accounts are, without question, alt accounts. Those that are still small simply have not put in the time and effort to grow. So to be fair about comforting costs, it should all be the same for all players. I am so sick of the Evony devs screwing things up with the game. All new players can go to new servers and there they can have a fighting chance to grow, they get crushed on this server so no point in them joining. No matter what rules you decide to change for what ever reason, we the players are the ones you have to satisfy, after all if you do not satisfy us we will leave. Without us there is no you

  23. it is what it is guys, every game has glitches and problems. I dont see how so many people are always whining and complaining on this game. I think the change was a good idea, not perfected yet but a step in the right direction

  24. I think all of this is crazy.they need to leave things alone for the safety of the game and stop worrying about money so much.I am about ready to quit evony as it is totally unfair game play due to botters.@HK ,yes their are other ways to defend other than comforting but you don’t play fair because you is time they remove all cheaters like they say they will.then it will be a level playing field.

  25. I think this is a great idea, no more spending countless hours hammering a city, and people sitting there laughing at you while praying, if you lose your walls, troops, and all resources, and it costs me my precious hours trying to take your city, why shouldn’t I have the right to take it?

    Really your complaining about 10 mill, that’s chicken feed!! Most that actually attack people, coin a little and enjoy this game wouldn’t even notice it disappearing after praying as most of those people would have billions in food, remember you can sell stuff and buy food if you really wanted to save your city though praying.

  26. well, i think evony needs to change a lot of things… like the stupid 12 hour cool down from a truce. just makes it a free for all for anyone to hit you after that.. what crap is that. and why cant you just truce one city.. or make it to where you can still farm for food… after you have been hit and lost all your food, its kind of hard to truce and then get food if you cant farm npc’s… i understand you cant hit other players. but come on.. get real… at least make it to where you can feed yourself… thats just some of the things evony needs to look at…

  27. Originally in age 2 under truce you could farm npc’s. That stopped about na3, and spread out because rather than fix their code they decided it took 5 minutes just to rewrite a section. The error made it so that you could attack other players but not be hit back. Obviously, this wasn’t intentional. So now you simply can’t attack anything the game looks at as a castle, because it honestly looks at npc’s in a similar way. That’s lazy coding. 3/4 of this game is a beautiful base with nothing but lazy codes tying it together. This is the reason they are having so many issues with hardware, software, etc. right now and why the game makes your pc lag like hell. If they spent HALF the money on the game coding they spent on their space project (which any evidence of is still to be seen by anyone anywhere) then the game would likely have itself an award somewhere making all kinds of profit and the devs would have something to celebrate. If that were to happen, most of their changes wouldn’t be looked at half as negatively. This being said, they are wasting time, and money, when they should be most concerned about repairing the damage (not to mention securing the code so that no one can hijack and use the any sql tricks to send viruses over their servers, which…. if anyone has any idea of their coding that possibility is more likely to happen than evony ever fixing another bug that actually matters). But their business senses have all become numbed and they are no longer in the business to make any money.

  28. i have never used comfort as a defence, however this seems to me just one more way evony makes the game easier for coiners and harder for non coiners,
    “FREE FOREVER” only if forever ended 2 years ago when they started making these changes

    they just want the non coiners to quit so they can rake in profits from the coiners only, not gonna work evony, without us non coiners, the coiners have no one to attack, the servers are empty and the coiners quit too,

    R.I.P evony age 2

  29. What’s wied to me is when I was a noob and still one compared to many who play this game it was fun learning the game and seems to me the more experience you become they start making wierd changes to the game that only caused more alt accounts and the need for bots to farm in order to have a decent size army to defend against a big time coiner?
    Bots may not be worth a crap to attack with but they are great for farming giving you time to sleep and get some much needed rest.

  30. This change leads me to believe that I am steel learning and that’s the fun part in this game to me.
    I use to do a little coding in Visual Basics 4.0 and 6.0 and didn’t have the intrest to move on up to Visual Dot NET.Basics but after seeing the bot script it brought back some good old memories of programmingand writing scripts.
    I palyed with the Microsoft Agents and wrot somepretty good Active X scripts, Genie.acs, Peedy.acs, Merlin.acs and Wartnose.acs were my favorit Microsoft Agents, Funny characters they were and was fun writing the play scripts for them.
    I use the mashfullsetup.exe software to create each of the “.acs” files.

    I know not everyone has time or the intrest in writing scripts for any reason but i’m sure you could find someone to write you to farm with?

  31. grats evony well done yet another vicim uve claimed with ur excessive f*cking about with the game. have to stand up to u u created a game that cost 10k to make and made ur millions and destroyed it in just under two weeks bravo bravo

  32. if two players one has 100bill food who is a large botter and one has 100m food who isnt a botter att each other seriously who u recon gona win that one cause i know who will

  33. Its funny they want your name and email. Guess if you say something they don’t like, they will delete your account or something. Anyway, as to some of the comments about making things fair. Sorry, but that boat sailed long ago. You want fair, go to a brand new server and hope the people that run Evony finally implement something that stops botters. As for all the other servers, its too late to make things fair. There are accounts with hundreds of TRILLIONS of resources. Billions of troops. And they feed these mega accounts with about 10 or more botted farmer accounts. There is nothing you can do when you see one of these players land on your front yard except truce, holiday, or lose. Yeah. You can hold out for a little while, but in the end, these players always win because they have the resources and troops to outlast you. Nothing will EVER be fair in this game. Coiners will ALWAYS have the upper hand against non-coiners. “Free forever” has been gone for years. Time to accept that and move on.

  34. Just wondering…. will you work for free? Personally i wouldnt. This game is FREE like any others on the web, if you want to be on the top part, need to spend, thats how they keep it working. I have never seen a mmorpg free in all aspects, thats dumb.

  35. Sheesh, I thought by now everybody knew what this page was all about?
    I know you guys are sick of seeing my post so tighen up so I don’t have to do this…..

  36. lol, I’m a bot and i am a lv.20 npc on some servers and i don’t farm little people, and you want to farm me get you an army!

  37. After reading through the comments its clear to me that evony is aware of Bots and Botting that happens yet they have a site for reporting players but the one time i reported a player for botting my acount was suspended because evony determined i was botting and the player that was actually doing the botting cleaned me out cause i could get on for 3 days,,,,, hmmmmmm not verry fair to me but the botter was able to get away with it ive been playing evony almost 3 years and the botting has never been worse but now it cost me 10 mill food to pray after 2 times to get my loyalty back up before another red aliance hits me that aint right either i dont spend money every week but i do spend money hear and there but if changes keep happening to help botters i wont be playing much longer, 10 mill food to a botter to comfort is nothing as it is running 23 45 a day and those that have been hitt by 5 or 6 players from diferent aliances that dont bott have a hard time with that

  38. I would like to say the new comforting isn’t fair how is someone suposed to keep 10mil of anything in ones city if warehouse only holds 1.1mil when researched is maxed? a city would have to have 10 warehouses to do that just once and scouts themselves only carry 1mil food for 100k max you can send at a time? so even if someone is online they can’t save their own city??? i understand uping the cost but 10mil is steep. if you up the cost of comforting then maybe you should up what a warehouse can hold if that isn’t possible maybe lower the cost to what warehouse can hold at max???

  39. Horrible idea, and whoever approved it should lose his job. This DOES NOT level the game at all. It promotes using bots and multi-accounts, as regular players will never keep up with such high food demands. It was hard even before this stupid idea to use 10mil food per comfort. That means you need about 100 Million just to bring grievance to 0 after 1 wave of attacks. Where are we suppose to get that food from? a 3mil NPC5 (which is empty most of the time anyways) even 19mil of NPC10 won’t hold you for long either. And how are we suppose to get that food and defend at the same time?
    I have recently reported a player that has several big accounts and many smaller “feeders”. Sent them scout reports on city with over 100 million troops in it. Do you think he got them by “casual play”, or even “no life” play of 12-18 hours a day every day? not even close. Of course he uses bots to run them, but EVONY doesn’t care. Anyways, this player just bullies other by either taking all your resources of now even better just force you to use them up for comforting. He comes up, captures a NPC 10 next door and just spam your city all day long with 9-20 waves of mechs & scout bombs timed to with 15-30s. Try to open gates to that! even so, with his millions of troops he does not care about losing few waves – he gets 50-65% right back and you get merely 10-13%. Soon you lose or use up your food reserves. Even with alliance, how long do you think they will keep sending you more food?

  40. Evony has turned into a complete joke. I stopped playing a while ago once botting became the key strategy(doesnt seem like a legit strategy to me). I come back to the evony website every few months just to check and see if the botting issue has been resolved, but of course it has gotten worse. I would LOVE to come back and play evony under fair conditions(no botting for anyone), but it seems like that will never happen. Way to ruin an awesome game, how idiotic….I need to find another game that is similar to evony(because I do love the concept) that does not OPENLY allow cheats. any suggestions?

  41. If you really want to make it interesting…. make the NPC’s automated and have them go after the top players on every server DAILY with an exponential difficulty level for however the top players stay there. This will give them a bigger challenge than to just bully playable accounts that don’t have a chance against them. This will also piss off all the people that bot and dump coinage in and will help the little guys build up to be able to take on the bigger felllas, it would totally discourage cheating though. You could even make these NPC’s use AI and play the similar to those that are attacking, so if they are cheating they’ll hurt even more.

  42. all this is, is a way to appease the CC players, i hate botting but i do it cause its the only way to come close to competing with those who spend, but those who spend and bot are nearly unstoppable. Its all about the money, i’ve read forums where the only response to many questions posed is the one asked by a spender.You can have knowledge, experience, tactics and it dont matter when CC players send wave after wave after wave compiling millions of mechs at you. Don’t claim that this makes it harder to bot, or more fair for normal players , this just makes it easier for the CC botters to push out the occasional or not at all CC players

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