Evonytoberfest Continues!

Happy Evonytoberfest!

The Lombardy Great Harvest has come to an end (we hope you liked the free food!) but Evonytoberfest is just getting started!

From now until October 7th, with every $30 purchase, you get an Evonytoberfest War Package (with a Saxony Beer Chest Key!) and you can give your friends a FREE Bavarian Brew and FREE Saxony Beer Chest!

Bavarian Brew will reduce the food your troops consume by 50% in all of your cities for 24 hours, and each additional Bavarian Brew adds another 24 hours to this buff, for a maximum of 5 days! If you have Vesta’s, it will stack with Bavarian Brew for 100% reduced food consumption.

List of Items

  • $30 gets you 300 Cents plus 1 x Vesta’s Blessing plus 1 x Evonytoberfest War Package and 1 x Saxony Chest Key in the Package (the friends you pick will get 1 x Saxon Beer Chest and 1 x Bavarian Brew)
  • $60 gets you 600 Cents 2 x Vesta’s Blessing plus 2 x Evonytoberfest War Package and 2 x Saxony Chest Key in the Package (the friends you pick will get 1 x Saxon Beer Chest and 1 x Bavarian Brew)
  • $90 gets you 900 cents plus 3 x Vesta’s Blessing plus 3 x Evonytoberfest War Package and 3 x Saxony Chest Key in the Package (the friends you pick will get 1 x Saxon Beer Chest and 1 x Bavarian Brew)

Evonytoberfest War Package:
3x Random Medals
2 x Primary Guidelines
1 x War Horn
1 x Corselet
1 x Fleet Feet
1 x Endurance of the Immortals
1 x Truce Agreement
5 x Amulet
1 x City Teleporter
1 x Saxony Chest Key

When you get a Saxony Chest Key and open the Saxon Beer Chest, you will randomly receive one of Saxon Beer Chest A, B or C below:

Saxon Beer Chest A:
5x War Ensign
5x War Horn
5x Random Medals
2x Alchemist’s Amplifier

Saxon Beer Chest B:
2x Epitome of Military Science
2x Adv City Teleporter
1x Wealth of Nations
1x Archimedes’ Note

Saxon Beer Chest C:
3x Excalibur
2x On War
1x Ivory Horn
1x Ultra Corselet
2x Opportunist’s Plague
5x Random Medal

Have a happy Evonytoberfest!

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer is valid only to new purchases, new AutoCents subscribers or AutoCents renewals of a single transaction of $30 or more during this period. Offer is valid now and ends on October 7th.  To receive the no food consumption buff, The ” Bavarian Brew ” item must be used between September 27th and October 7th. On October 8th, all buffs and all unused Bavarian Brew items will be removed. To open the Saxon Beer Chest, you must have a Saxony Chest Key Saxony Chest Key are obtained through a single transaction of $30 or more and are found in the Evonytoberfest War Package during this period.

95 thoughts on “Evonytoberfest Continues!

  1. What is with the botters telling all of us honest players where to get off?
    Evony needs to bump all of you cheaters off of the game.
    If they don’t, shame on them.
    And meanwhile: SHAME ON ALL BOTTERS.
    You are ruining what used to be a good game.

    “Cheaters never win, winners never cheat.”

  2. Maybe Evony should be opening multiple worlds; separate worlds allowing botters and worlds without botters. It might get rid of the animosity between the two types of players… Just a suggestion.

  3. Evony needs to bring the fun back into this game get ride of the botters and make this game fun again they also need to give out more free gifts that will help people and make them want to stay here more

  4. Even if botting was abolished, which I would agree with. You will still constantly be fighting against people who just have more time. Everything isn’t botting and coining, if played right and constant attention is given. This game can be played to the same extreme as any bot can afford. I would like to just see a single server that is shop free . Then, all of the misplaced beliefs of who’s better and trash talking can be set right. Leave it to the luck of the wheel, the time played, and the skill of the player. Just one time. And then, everyone can end the entire discussion. The people who think they play well will be set straight, and the people who pay to feel bigger can show what they really know.

  5. the reason i quit was that i could not go on holiday without coining
    if evony would give players holiday 2 days a month and could add up to 14 day total . would help people like me play

  6. the free food runs out on a date.. I forgot what date. . nvm .
    so people stop buying those chests. or any .. so I the free food ran ten days after purchase.. More would buy on the last day that package was offered. so what if some get 20 days. you will make money. I would buy another on the last day offered. if they did not run out ..
    Why buy and have it run out the next day..
    but we do like these packages.

  7. I enjoy this game very much but the coiners and botters are taking the fun out of it. I for one would be willing to pay an annual or quarterly fee to access a server that doesn’t allow in game purchases.

  8. Evony Age 3 , subscription only, no shop, bring it on.
    Let those who buy their success find out just how good they are (not) without that advantage.

  9. i think the comforting changes r stupid and that we need to b able to draft colonys no matter if the players inactive or not cause if we work to get the colony the least we can do is get drafts

  10. Hows about a Pay-to-Play server. One monthly payment ($30), no extra coin purchase and preferably no botting. Only variable would be the length of time you could play each day, as this varies from person to person.
    Worth considering??

  11. Evony .. We love the OctoberFest – request you to extend the same for a few more days !!! Thanks again !!!

  12. i think the comforting changes r stupid and that we need to b able to draft colonys no matter if the players inactive or not cause if we work to get the colony the least we can do is get drafts

  13. Botting IS cheating simple as that! yet again Evony fails to provide a safe gaming environment, advertises no cheats and cheaters will be banned but every server is filled with multi accounts running bots, about 99% of player are now botters and Evony now endorses it, I say this because of the posting about comforting they have actively said that they know botters are here and are quite happy to let them away with it, Time evony was pulled

  14. What about that choice of 3 random contents, we hope for one in particular, we get the other, which is useless, most of the time… Why can’t you come up with a choice of package of our own choosing… Let us pick what we want, what we need and than give us a price deal with all those cents for the matter. Now that would be a real useful event. By the way, why not give us the chance to get rid of all those useless packages for which we do not have keys to open it. Such gifts I tell you… Beside, when will you be selling opening keys again so we can use some of those so called free packages.

  15. Only way to find out who is best is to setup a server with towns with equal number of troops, same level of heros same number of towns.

    No coining, not botting, no extra troops and say have at it…once your done, your out and have a round robin tourney.

    Even if it was one day a week that the server would be on line you could still find out who is the best. One on one or alliance on alliance.

    Just saying….

  16. what i would like to see is a server where no one can have 2 or more accounts, where cheaters is banned, where the luckywheel and the time you spend on the game is the thing that decide if you are good or not. i’m sick and tired of being occupied all the freken time. i would also like to see a restart of all the servers so everyone could get a fresh start.

    this whuld make the game more fun and make those who are “good” start form scratch. And give everyone a chance to stay alive

  17. If we are doing what we would like to see…

    1) Where you have abandon towns, instead of deleteing them, allow us to cap them. Some of the towns are actually pretty good.

    2) Better odds on the wheel of Mis-Furntune. If comforting cost us more food and such, then lets put better items and chances of winning on the wheels.

    3) A swap meet, a place we con go and take items we have that we don’t ot won’t use (iron plows if we don’t have any farms left, ritual of pact) and be able to trade them. Or at least sell them back to Evony even if it’s at half price for game coins so we can get items we can use or want.

  18. Botters should be stopped true enough. However you winebags are mad bc it stops you from hitting them while offline. As far as coining goes, if your willing to spend money for a monthly fee then just spend it like the rest of us. Most of you are crying bc youve lost or just flat out cant play. If you suspect botting report the player. If you want to play a game this good for free than quit hating on the ones that support the adminstration, equipment, programmers etc.. Ive played with and without spending money and did fine both ways. Spend all your crying time learning to play well and you can still have fun.

  19. I for one am so sick of hearing people whine and complain about the game. If you don’t like it, already quit playing, not happy with the changes, etc… Just stop whinning and quit playing simple as that. For those that coin it is making it so you do get some free stuff and the ability to play with out having to have a subscription to play the game. You can, for I have on a few servers, play without spending a single cent on the game and it has not changed my ability to play one bit. Anything and everything can be farmed one way or another. Also for those whinning on here when they where talking about the free upkeep for an item that you do get for free when someone spends on the game, go somewhere else. Everybody needs to stop whinning about every little thing. It is getting really old.

  20. Well i just want to say Drop rate for medals is almost nothing…. what about new players who want to play and can get promoted but hunting, CROSS, HONOR, LION and Specially ROSE Medal is like to hunt a Dionosour… which doesn’t exist anymore… Rose medal is like that.. so dont make fool them ( new players)… just think about them also.. cause i am also suffering from same thing…

    Thnx & Regards

  21. So if I buy 3 times the cents, I get 3 times the freebies? Thanks for explaining that Evony, I would never have figured it on my own

  22. I am playing a new game. No farming. I can coin if I want. so much to do .
    allowed two accounts . tops . dont need “feeders” fun exciting . war game at that .
    Hunting critters. going on quests. .no facebook game, but linked if want to .
    a game where the company Likes its players.
    No trash talk in WC. . the big deal is the No farming.
    people here say give them a server they pay to play. if u have to farm to feed your troops . and you work you will be Nothing but food for the guy that can sit at the computer all day. I played before I ever knew what a bot was. and I work. I was always beat on . never had a chance..
    that is the truth. the facts and how it is.

  23. i have been playing server 166 when opened you make this thing about brew but for someone reason me food would be higher but its getting lower everyday i look at it is there a glitch in this or what i want me food back to how it was!!!!! not the brew that doesnt work…….

    so please sort it out……


  24. Well, I heartily enjoyed the Evonytoberfest; thank you, Evony Admin. I took advantage of the abundance of Bavarian Brew provided by my friends…. I kept farming NPCs around the clock as usual, but I was able to build a LOT more troops because of the food buff from the brew…. Now I’m pounding on one of my old enemies who short-sightedly stole my best hero from me a few weeks ago. Yes, the game takes a lot of time, if you want to play well. If you see that as a problem, and you just think that great cities/heroes/armies should be handed to you on a silver platter, you are missing the point. Evony is designed to adequately fill all the time you have available for play. There is NEVER nothing to do in this game. Your richest opportunities lie in finding friends and working on your people skills. If there are those who hate you no matter what you do, then single them out and destroy them; but do it without whining or hating. Your friends will applaude, and your enemies will move further and further away.

    Um, one word about the new costs of comforting: I’m sorry that some people have made a habit of defense by prayer. The new comforting does help me in one way, by making it expensive for my no-game enemies to just keep resisting my onslaughts; however, it is not very realistic to charge food for praying. If anything, we players should GAIN food by praying, since the best prayers are made while fasting. Just a thought. I know that the Admin is very wise, and has studied the ways of humanity, endeavoring to tailor this game to best help us learn to be more effective as people; and I know they will work things out as time goes by.

  25. Anybody saying botting makes no difference is delusional. How intentionally ignorant can a person be? Apparently incomprehensibly intentionally ignorant.

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