67 thoughts on “New Age I Server Opens June 18th!

  1. Alliance Mokery is recruiting on 165…..were an alliance based in swabia…..No prestege requirements join now..

  2. Oh boy another server break out the credit card, break the piggy bank, it’s time to spend money to make a huge hero in the first 3 days.

  3. Anyone having problems will relogging into the server 165. been having problems all day long and the idiots at evony will not answer me back

  4. Is there a issue with loging on with a gmail account. every time I try to get into the latest age1 server it says timed out..

  5. m killen it in there and yes ive coined to but not untell the last fed days come join LUST whisper me or mial me mushroom the name 165 for life

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