New Age II Server: War-Scythe!

We’re happy to announce another new Age II server opening! We’re opening the new Age II War-Scythe Server on June 5th at 9 p.m. (server time). Rally your allies and prepare for a new battlefield!

Head to the forums to join the discussion!

A war-scythe is one of the earliest, simplest and most effective infantry weapons. Often they were simply re-tooled farm implements, with blades designed for slashing opposing infantry at range and for dismounting cavalry. Polearms required less training and skill than swords, making them perfect for militias and conscripts.

66 thoughts on “New Age II Server: War-Scythe!

  1. Finally yall bring it out,its about time!!!

    The Alliance 18 is Recruiting Evony Vets!!
    Have spots open but to get promouted we do it old school style!!!
    Also looking for leadership qualities for our 2nd alliance

    mail me at


    Yours Truely,

  2. Woo, a new server and no res glitch for this one wonder what will happen… the heavy coiners will completely own it haha GL to anyone who doesn’t coin going there

  3. Heading over to NA43! Hoping to see some old faces there. Look me up when you get on!

  4. ALLIANCE Sentinels Will be recruiting once the server is up! Only experienced players. Look for Elvandar.

  5. evony you are a joke we have been off for a long weekend and you decide the release the the night before we all got back and the time is shocking 9pm server thats 3am in the uk have u ever tried opening it at midday when its ok foe everyone in the usa and the uk even just one server every year. well you are losing money having it at that time so hope your profits fall

  6. Monsters alliance!! Well known!! We start with a lot of people on this new server. We are hoping to welcome more people!!!

  7. hey guys Xvenged recruiting vets and newbs on this server, come join us!

  8. Getting rdy for it! experienced player looking for a nice group of people! add me on facebook! Facebook name: Karel Appel!

  9. Gods recruiting!!We will only have a few Freindlys Counting TGR AND 18 look us Up Exp and i want no noobs

  10. Mayhem will be open from day 1,
    Recruiting active, experianced players,
    No requirements as of yet but will be quite soon after being made,
    Positions gonna be available to those who show most experiance,
    Apply at embassy as soon as you get one!!!

  11. civony vet, experience in multiple servers, including na1 the day it went live, as well as several age1 servers, and super servers. Interested in joining a real alliance, email me at and lets talk.

    Experience over 3 months required, no prestige farmers, “hollier than thou” attitudes, 18 + only, and no troop horders. Serious emails will be responded to, others will be blocked. All warriors interested the requirements for experience also include having held 2 or more cities at the same time in the same account against impossible odds for more than 24 hours against more than 10 players, having taken more than 1 city from targets no less than twice your size in troops, full knowledge of a working rainbow and the proper way to layer them in any situation, knowledge of camp time, knowledge of compact defenses, ability to work as a team, highly chat active. No whiners, drama kings/queens, or children need apply.


  12. They said na 43 will open on 5 june at 9 p.m . They did not speciffy which year …:) … Its 9 am now …. need wait for 9 PM ( ie 21:00)

  13. sniper its server time so for example in the uk it doesnt open till 3am tomorrow morning 9pm in the usa

  14. ALLIANCE Sentinels Will be recruiting once the server is up! Only experienced players. Look for Elvandar. And be fast because 20 spots are already filled up.

  15. Well i was gonna play this server and coin my atleast 300 with in the 1st week but seems evony starts on a time i can not do as per usuall, you need to open a server time which is good for all and i work and get in at 1am uk time think im gonna play and not have sleep, well good luck evony seems you will not be takeing my money yet anouther server :)

  16. Does that mean Evony is finally going to clear all the abandoned cities in NA42? The place is too crowded and u can’t do anything!

  17. the alliance NOVA is looking for experianced players on war scythe. anyone who wants to join just apply when the server starts. positions are available

  18. Why do you guys only give a 1 day heads up every server launch..why not give people a week to prep get money moved to paypal,get a day or two off work,and recruit old friends for a new battle..Luckily im ready for this one but you guys need to give more of a heads up to your gamers.Also fix the dmn resource glitches lol we liked those idk why you took it apon your selves to take away such a loved wont fix lag,coin to non coin ratios,troop upkeep,customer sevice,bots but by god youll fix anything that helps us players feed our troops…Its really no wounder 70% of players have used bots its because you enforce policys which force people to use them,why dont you guys actually read customer feedback and adapt your game to it..its not hard your just ignorant of the severity of the issues

  19. If anybody is interested my name will be 2ndChance and i will be hosting an allaince. Im an exp leader since age 1, you can also find me on 42

  20. Triad will be Recruiting ALL Active Players

    Experienced Leadership, Players & Warriors currently Discussing where to Take.

    Anyone interested should mail “Dan ‘Dilligaf’ Dryden” on facebook or mail “kklun” on na36.

    Baronet WILL be a req after 6 hours of server opening, and Trying for a HH is a MUST.

    Previous Atlantis capping players/members in the alliance list currently.. we know how to do it, if you wanna see how it’s done, Apply NOW!

  21. im a xp player going to sweat it out lol looking for a group of players who are xp and not donation just pure troops

  22. What does “server time” mean? Is it Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zone?

  23. experienced player looking for experienced alliance to play with plaese get in touch with me have over 4 yrs experience playing evony tyvm

  24. I think that it is great that they bring out a new server, this way the newer members that joined recently have a chance to build up as well and not have to worry about LV12 cities attacking them while they are still building their forces.

    Scythe’s Warlords Alliance will be accepting members as soon as the server is available, experienced or inexperienced members welcomed, will do weekly check ups on its members cleaning out the non-re-pliant ones assuming they left the server and/or game.

  25. server time is
    21:00 (military code time)
    7pm (pacific standard time)
    8pm (mountain standard time)
    9pm (central standard time)
    10pm (eastern standard time)

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