New Age II Server: War-Scythe!

We’re happy to announce another new Age II server opening! We’re opening the new Age II War-Scythe Server on June 5th at 9 p.m. (server time). Rally your allies and prepare for a new battlefield!

Head to the forums to join the discussion!

A war-scythe is one of the earliest, simplest and most effective infantry weapons. Often they were simply re-tooled farm implements, with blades designed for slashing opposing infantry at range and for dismounting cavalry. Polearms required less training and skill than swords, making them perfect for militias and conscripts.

66 thoughts on “New Age II Server: War-Scythe!

  1. well 9pm us time 3am ere so depends where u are its 255 am ere now lol

  2. yes i want to join one but i want a date because to join the last server its a bit late i think…..when will a new server open?

  3. alliance mockery will be recruiting when new server is up and so will sister alliance apex predators

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