DOUBLE Cents Today and Tomorrow ONLY

It’s been a great birthday weekend so far but we’re not done yet! We’re wrapping up Evony’s Third Birthday celebration with a bang! Yep, DOUBLE CENTS is here for TODAY and TOMORROW only!

Whether you’ve been with us for all three years, or you just joined us, we’re glad you’re here! That’s why we’re offering the most-requested promotion, Double Cents!

If you make a purchase of $10, you’ll get 200 Cents instead of 100. If you purchase $30, you’ll get 600 Cents instead of 300! And don’t forget, the Evony Happiness Package is included with all purchases of $30 or more!

This is an easy way to get a ton of great Evony items like On War, Excalibur and Aries Amulets, but the deal will be gone after tomorrow, so don’t wait!

You can join the discussion on our forums.

Thanks for helping make Evony such a success, and we look forward to many more years of battle!

We’ll see you on the battlefield,

The Evony Team

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Double Cents offer is valid only to new purchases during the specified period. Double Cents offer is not valid with AutoCents. Offer is valid now and ends on May 7th.Evony Happiness Package offer includes an Evony Happiness Package with a purchase of $30 or more, and it may be combined with the Double Cents offer.

23 thoughts on “DOUBLE Cents Today and Tomorrow ONLY

  1. even the damn playing field….you have players ranging from coiners+botters to players who dont coin nor bot…how come you ppl dont see you have no chance in playing this game if not big $$$ spender…Evony stop advertising “free” game…..the place is getting ridiculous

  2. I agree. Once again I say…..make us a server for none coiners. You make enough off the other servers from coiners that having a non coiner server can be a lot more fun and test players honest skill in this game.

  3. So, this is great, a day after I bought coins. Would of been nice to know this b4 purchasing yesterday. Being very sarcastic about this being great!

  4. Now George, why would they tell you about it ahead of time. Almost everyone who buys packages will ALWAYS buy coins during double cents…that way they can get your money twice! It’s a perfect marketing tactic for them! A server with captcha and non-coining would be very interesting to see. It would almost take me back to the early serves like 86 when I first started. When -8mil burn an hour was all a person could handle (assuming they had a life and didnt live in their parents basement and play this game all day lol).

  5. Indeed evony is outrageously expensive for a free game. People don’t spend just hundreds of dollars playing it they spend thousands. It is no longer a test of gaming skills its a test of who has a bigger wallet. Evony needs to become a more even Playing field.

  6. Well, as many of you know … many dedicated and long-time Evony elitz have quit this game because Evony is purely coin/greed-driven … so a level playing field server where no one can coin will NEVER happen. If you continue to play this game for as many years as I have .. you’ll come to the realization that EVERYTHING in this game is driven purely by how much you coin … thus there is no ACTUAL SKILL to anything here …. time to find a new, more fair MMO that is truely FREE.

  7. :) New server comes out later around 9pm central time.! :) Some buy but the non coiners have a chance to promote and gain an army equally. Try it out! :) Its where I went after playing evony for 3 years and i quit to join there.

  8. Agreeing that a server with no coining would be fun….but really, no game is actually free. Eventually people have to/should get paid for the work they put into maintaining and keeping the game going/online etc. Instead of complaining about coiners etc. Maybe an at home board game would be more appropiate for the ones who complain. I dont coin much, but i have spent. Just like i would for any other form of entertainment wether it be a bar, movie, xbox game, taking a girl out somewhere. Its a fun game. Enjoy it for what your capable of doing, most of the time the big time coiners will not mess with people that are not that far advanced in the game. They are still driven to attack, conquer, take from other coiners.

  9. Evony is a PAY 2 PLAY game.
    It is FREE to get beat up!!

    Happy Anniversary to all the Evony Game junkies!!
    How old are the moderators now?
    who moderates them?

  10. You need to coin to become great. Your coins runs out, then the game ends. To many big spenders port in, and beat you down. Something needs to be done. I would rather pay a fee to keep a coin free server up and running. (To help maintaining the server, and what ever cost evony needs.) True words and opinion from a 5 year vet. Thanks

  11. Why would anyone spend money on a game they can’t even log in to? ss59 is a joke, so much lag its just not funny, fix the lag and maybe I’ll spend some money

  12. Ehh…after reading this blog, I have decided to NOT play this “free” game…..
    since its ….not free.

  13. quit the biatching girls

    if you not got it in your head that it is a “for profit” game, you got no clue.

    if they would just fix the damn latency issues and spend some of the money they get on renting a T3 server … or something better than the single damn computer they run a whole server on … then there might be a semblance of value

  14. On the off chance that EVONY might ACTUALLY READ THESE, I will post.
    1st FIX THE LAG
    3. Your window for our Army Movements should be optional of those that like it can choose to apply that. I want my AM back under said name WINDOW like took out what troups are lost & lumped them all together so we have to be able to read them in that scroll window with the lags you haven’t fixed make if VERY HARD.
    4.a,When you are going to open a new server give more than a cpl days notice 4b. let ppl know if it will be a coiners=botters server or you’ve found a way to let those of us without deep pockets play LEVEL against LEVEL.
    5.take off fee’s for holiday for those that can’t be on 24/7 (like us all) that way when we need to take a few days off we are not at the mercy of others watching our stuff. Because NOONE can be awake every min of everyday & u don’t want us to bot give us an alternative rather than needing to trust another player with our logins. I have good ppl but I have seen scandalous ppl during my time that ZERO all other ppls hard work.
    6. & 7. if WE do invest in “OUR” game then why is all the choices of what we get yours? if we buy a chest let us pick A,B OR C. I have been watching wheel payouts for a month now, those that get the GOOD spins are those that coin (spin a bunch @ a time) they can afford to coin give us chance to feel lucky 1000 coin just once would be nice. lol & on the other part of this when a person orders a CHEST let them pick the medals they want or need.
    8.when u do give us good deals don’t make us choose WHICH server gets to benefit if a person can accept a gift on one server (email) & they play them both why on Gods green earth would u make them choose which of thier accts should get to grow?
    & last but not least give us a break & have things on the wheel that players REALLY WANT & CAN USE, like take off that stupid tax thing & put a key in it’s place!!! SHOW PLAYERS THAT you’re more than $$$ grubbers put 100 keys or more on t/wheel & MAKE THEM pay out 25% of the time. for EVERYONE not just those that pay your wages.

  15. I have spent alot of money in here & nobody ever forced me to do so. That was my choice as it is everyones choice. Buying items really does not give much of an advantage. I can still very easily lose a city to someone who knows how to attack very well & knows that I’m offline. The main difference is that I’ve spent money, so I’ve lost it in that case.

  16. free forever is not working give us a one time fee or monthly charge server so we can see how our skills really do stack up. like the game been playing since e1 server 4 i dont mind spending some money on a game but now if you wont spend 1k no matter how well you play your screwed

  17. Stop moaning Evony is a business!! and all businesses have a plan start off by making it look attractive, give away lots of stuff to make you hooked (likes on drugs or gambling) then slowly over time take more and more away, they don’t care if you leave, and they replace those that leave with more suckers like us that stay.

    Evony owns most bot sites, sure they won’t admit it because would break there user agreement, but they do, as they know those people will have big wallets, it’s why out of all those sites they closed in a month Yaeb is still big and growing why because I bet Evony gets more money from it… prove me wrong Evony close that site down

  18. i have played many money pits like evony. i do have to say that evony isnt as bad as many of them but its definitely a money pit none the less. they can advertise free forever as well as the others because they do give things away but real gamers know that the only way to get anywhere in a money pit such as this is by spending money and usually a lot of it. they certainly can make things easier to get like the medals which are needed to actually get anywhere and they will still have people buying the coins anyway to get them faster. its a broken system that does need fixing but its not too late to do that. getting resources with the amulets is almost like getting a huge middle finger so that should be gotten rid of. you should only be able to get things from the amulets that you cant get any way just for playing like resources. i have now given two examples of things that should be fixed to make this game a bit more fair. im sure there are other things that can and should be fixed but i dont have time to think of them all.

  19. it is ‘free to play” to bring the food for the coiners..they coin race each other an there are lil none spending ppl there to bully around which i why i dnt frown on botting there are ppl who dnt coin that bott an spank coiners azz an they leave an dnt coin anymore and then evony loses profit an so they have a war on botters….i am one of them…..but if any evony personel read this mark this in ur notes..if u lower the prices to reasonable more ppl would spend if only 3 ppl buy 30$ chest u got 90 buck but if u lower it to 5$an 20 ppl buy u got 100$ but imagin that on a server of 250k…..

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