A FREE Gift for Evony Players!

We have a FREE gift for all our players today! Just login in and click the link in your system mail and select which server you want it delivered to! Voila! Free stuff!

Here’s the link again if you missed it. You must be logged in for it to work!

Thanks for playing Evony these past three years! We hope you’ll join us for years to come! Join the discussion on the forums!

45 thoughts on “A FREE Gift for Evony Players!

  1. I have the same problem as V!!! I am on two servers but can not claim on both. Is it just one per computer???

  2. says gift sent but where is it? cos its not in chest. and why cant it be claimed on all servers we play?

  3. Any time a gift doesn’t show up, clean your cache and reboot browser and it will be there

  4. it would have been great if we could claim the gift in all server from a single email address, i am playin in 3 server but can take in only one :( thats not cool not at all…

  5. Cleaning cache did´nt work for me. But they send out mail with a “click here” to claim the free giftbox, if tht is deleted is it not possible to claim the box anymore?

  6. click on the little present box in left corner to get it after doing link,it will then appear as a chest

  7. dont yall know by now this game is a waste of time and money…………..

  8. Hi, I try to claim the present, a new page opens, where i shall choose world, and the only availeble are na24, witch i dont play, how can i change that to world 163?

  9. I found out, i had a link to my fb account, so now im good :) Thanks for the present.

  10. People are so unthankful , watch Evony might not ever give us FREE stuff again because all you do is complain , 1 server is enough their giving away like $10 of stuff… FOR FREE.
    Thanks Evony.
    Happy Birthday. xD


  12. Thank You Evony , for the free gift , i hope u give more but i’m okay with just one , i’m sure you will be celebrating your birthday today , i cant believe all these complains about it i just hope you send us more one day , thanks again


  13. thnks Evony..happy 3rd birthday..hope u celebrate it..the gift really helped me in great ways..thnks again ;)


  14. They said that they were going to release something on may 6th so wondering what its going to be :)

  15. Gotta love those that look the gift horse in the mouth huh….be thank full there giving us a lil someting something for there birthday…might not be much but it is the thought that counts…cheers an happy 3rd evony

  16. Thank You! Haven’t got mine but thank you for the thought anyway. Here is the problem: people don’t want to pay for keys to open ‘free’ chests and regularly ask for things like that to be put on the wheel of fortune to give them a fighting chance against the coiners at whom this game is really aimed (correct me if I am wrong). That may be hard for some to understand, it is even harder for the rest of us to understand why you don’t understand. And that is called reasoning not complaining LOL Happy Birthday evony, enjoy

  17. Well thats nice for all but whenever I clicked on *click here* to claim gift I was sent to page for buying stuff!! I know others were complaining for same thing also (server ALL1 ) but even better gift for that server would be a proper maintenance bcs there are no more free flats from either player made NPCs or abandoned < 1k press accounts

  18. Hey geez be glad you got something most of u guys probably had nothing so why complain? be happy you complainers get anything evony is just trying to be nice :D
    Thank you for creating this game :D been playing for 2 years now thanks for the free stuff :D !!!!!

  19. you got nothing and will never get anything from evony….they are the ones receiving $$$….all you got was a fckin icon…..

  20. i thought u said it would be available 2day, so i go click on it today and it says not valid anymore, great how bout u just leave it up till we click on it?

  21. items and cents never showed up for me…i clicked the link in system mail and btw reported it also

  22. you know it is messed up i tried to get it and it says i claimed it but nothing showed up

  23. give people what they really want which is free upkeep for 24 – 48hrs

  24. Make sure you look in the top left corner after you log in and you have to claim your present. Then go back to chests and it’s there.

  25. It would have been nice if I had got it. The system says I did, but my inventory says I didn’t.

  26. Aqui vai uma ideia,considero mais satisfatório para os jogadores verem seus Guerreiros Heróis com suas armaduras e Cavalo,uma vez que nós os escolhemos e damos o nome num leque de Guerreiros podiamos até escolher suas armaduras e por fim ver o resultado.Vamos lá mãos á obra ,tenho a certeza que ainda nos podem supreender AINDA mais.
    Aguardo aniquilando meus inimigos e crescendo meu império,Eu quero mais,muito mais.

  27. but today is my birthday , “what about a dual birthday gift for both of us ?

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