Evony’s Third Birthday Weekend Kicks Off With Silver Keys!

It’s a great weekend for Evony! We’re offering incredible deals and generous freebies all weekend as we celebrate our 3rd birthday!

We’re kicking the celebration off with the most wanted item in Evony: the Silver Key! A Silver Key can open ANY locked promotion chest you might have and they are available TODAY ONLY in the shop! Buy a bunch!

And don’t forget, the Evony Happiness Package is included with any purchase of $30 or more. There’s no time like the present to grab Cents, a Happiness Package and some Silver Keys!

We’ll be offering more great deals and even some FREE stuff all weekend, so make sure to login each day to see what you’ll get!

Thanks for making Evony a fun and exciting battlefield for the last three years!

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73 thoughts on “Evony’s Third Birthday Weekend Kicks Off With Silver Keys!

  1. 2 accounts on one server and another on a different server and can only get ONE gift????

  2. Click the link—————>accept gift on your server—————->go to packages(in game)——————>accept evony gift——————–>open gift in my items in the tab “chest”..Hope that helps anyone confused =)

  3. Ven there is no accept free gift only buy more coins when i click on the link.

  4. happy birthday, b.s. i had $60 worth of cents i was planning to use on silver keys go to a server i never played and evony hasn’t done a thing to fix it. they have not even read the emails i sent 3 days ago, must be too busy with all the other problems they are causing.

  5. I had trouble getting the free gift also, until I went to history and cleared cache / then logged back in and was able to claim.

  6. Please extend the deadline for buying the silver key as well. Many people did not get time to buy.

  7. Yeah Right another False AD from evony– I bought $60.00– No silver keys were found.. another Fraud by evony.. Its April fools without it being April

  8. please bring the silver keoys back, I idid not get a chance to get get them in one day.

  9. I did not get silver keys, tho I got everything else last weekend. I followed all steps and never saw a package of silver keys, nor had an option to buy any. Please explain and resolve this issue as it appears that I am not the only one.

  10. Evony-Free Forever……..until you want to finish it in this lifetime, you will have to ante up.

  11. this game has a lot of negative feed back ay i just started & im thinking about moving onto something else

  12. this game has a lot of negative feed back ay i just started & im thinking about moving onto something else

  13. I didn’t receive my gift evony can you please put it into my items please

  14. These keys should be made available on a regular basis. I have 60+ of these boxes, and they are basically worthless. There are things, like these keys, that you could do to make your company money – but as time passes, you will lose that opportunity. In fact, money that could have been made has already been lost. It’s your call….

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