New Age II Server Epee!


We hope everyone is having a great weekend! We’re happy to announce another new Age II server opening. We’re opening the new Age II Epee Server on April 23rd at 9 p.m. (server time). Rally your allies and prepare for a new battlefield!

Head to the forums to join the discussion!

An Epee is a modern derivative of medieval dueling and fencing swords. These swords are designed to pierce with an emphasis on quickness and precision–a far cry from the heavy and cumbersome broadswords and long swords which rely on the force of their impact to crush, gouge or hack.

166 thoughts on “New Age II Server Epee!

  1. oh look, another server starts while the rest are dyein -.- back to diablo 3 beta I go.

  2. Well if you guys dont want to start in a new server and want an established server that is going like gangbusters join na37 Cestus…still goin strong!

  3. How do I find some explantion on the use of all these new gagets.? or where?

  4. por favor eu tento entrar mas não consigo por pra traduzir em portugues se algue me poder ajudar meu titulo é SIR WALLACE e o nome da cidade é VALLAHALA

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