Player Profile #13: Adam – Writer and Football Aficionado!

For our January player profile, the Evony team spoke with Adam, a student, novelist, awesome dad, and Evony strategist on NA18. Adam began playing Evony after receiving so invites from many of his friends, and the rest is written in the books of Evony history.

How long have you been playing Evony, and which Age(s) do you play?
I started playing Evony when NA18 opened with a group of real-life friends. I kept receiving Facebook requests from my friends about Evony. I took a look at the game and was immediately hooked. I’ve been playing ever since!

We read a bit about the upcoming novel you’re working on (thanks for sharing!). Would you mind telling us a tiny bit about the plot for the other Evony fans to hear?
It’s a story about a man who reflects back on his life one evening. He remembers (and regrets some) of the decisions he has made, and thinks about how they have shaped his life and situation thus far.

What was your inspiration for writing a novel?
The novel pulls from personal experience I’ve had as well as scenarios I’ve come up with, which makes it a mix of fiction/nonfiction. This has allowed me to make it personally relevant while still having fun and creating a great, unique story.


Besides Evony, what else do you do for entertainment?
I enjoy shooting pool, keeping up on the latest movies, and spending a lot of time with my kids. My son will sit and watch me and tell me that he thinks my Queen is pretty ;) . I also like to keep up on the local football teams and catch games of theirs as often as possible.

Do you find that the strategic nature of football crosses into how you play Evony? How so?
In coming up with strategy, there are a lot of parallels. In football you often watch video tapes of the team you’re about to play to learn more about them. In Evony, it’s important to scout your opponents so that you can prepare and have a better idea of what you’re up against.


What was it about Evony that kept you coming back? What do you like about the game?
I love the real-time interaction that Evony provides. I also love that the ability to control your success is based on how well you can prepare and think of every possible scenario. The fun banter between enemies and opposing players doesn’t hurt either. ;)

Do you consider any players you’ve met friends?
Absolutely, I’ve made several real-life friends playing in the same alliances throughout the servers I’ve been on. The people I interact regularly with are great and I’m happy to know them.

Has there ever been a particular battle you’ve been where you experienced something crazy or didn’t think you were going to win but then actually did?
There is one in particular that comes to mind. I once had a 14 that was attacked on 26, and when I woke up and saw all the War Reports I thought that I had lost everything. Instead, the person attacking me ended up losing millions of troops, while I only lost a few hundred thousand.

Anything else you feel like mentioning? Want to shout out to your alliance or another player?
I’d like to give a shout out to everyone I’ve ever played with. There are a lot of people I started with on NA18 that I am still playing with today. Thank you!

And that’s that! Thank you to Adam and to all of the players and fans of Evony out there, we wish you the best of luck in your coming battles and challenges. Remember to keep your swords sharp, and your wits sharper. :)

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