Player Profile #12: Tiffany, Aspiring Evony Novelist

For our November player profile, Team Evony talked to Tiffany, an aspiring novelist and player on NW02. Tiffany began playing Evony at the recommendation of her son, and the rest is written in the books of battle history.

How long have you been playing, and which Age(s)?
I’ve been playing Age 2 NA35 for about 5 months now. It seems like forever since I spend so much time on it.

What do you do for a living?
I am a Real Estate agent and property manager. I’m also a single mother of the best three boys ever.

What’s something cool/interesting about you that most people don’t know?
I am pretty open, I don’t hide much. I guess it’s that I love to write and I am working on a novel that I’ve been working on it for years. When I am not working and playing Evony I am writing. I love to read everything. I also have a love for cooking. Not many people know but I can cook really well and thought about going to school for it.

Besides Evony, what else do you do for entertainment?
I love to read and write, as well as spend time with my kids. I also love to watch movies.

How’d you first hear about Evony?
My 12 year-old son plays Evony, and he said I should try it. The rest is history.

What was it about Evony that kept you coming back? What do you like about the game?
I found it thrilling it wake up every morning to check my war report and see if someone attacked me. There was a rush when I sent my troops out to war, and it was nerve racking to wait to see if I won. I came back every day to build and try to become better than the next player.

Do you consider any players you’ve met friends?
Yes. There are a few players here that I have become great friends with. My alliance is like a family to me. I feel like the mother hen watching and teaching her chicks.

What’s been a moment in your time playing Evony that’s been particularly cool or interesting?
In one of my first wars someone sent their troops to attack me. I prepared and put all my troops in my one city, and just seconds before he attacked, he recalled his troops. He then mailed me and said “well played my lady”. I will never forget that moment.

Has there ever been a particular battle you’ve been where you experienced something crazy or didn’t think you were going to win but then actually did?
One time a player’s troops out numbered me two to one, but had a fellow alliance member reinforced me at the last second and we won the battle and went on to capture my very first hero.

Anything else you feel like mentioning? Want to shout out to your alliance or another player?
I would like to give a shout out to all of NWO2. I would like to thank Andrew for the nomination and Kenjo for teaching and helping me with everything. Also, thanks to Beer Baron for giving me a chance to help others.

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