Evony Community Playlist #6: A Soundtrack for Your Conquests!

PlaylistWe took player suggestions from the official Evony Facebook and Twitter pages to create for you the latest community playlist! Our players answered with their favorite song to listen to while hacking away mercilessly at their enemy’s city, and we created a playlist of ten songs using suggestions from our players and fans! This time around there were a lot of great recommendations from our community! You’ll find some stolen stuff, a dubstep lady, some european hardrock/techno, a pool full of bodies, and some guys declaring war.

Did your song make it into the playlist this time? Check out the full list of songs that made it onto the playlist below, and listen live and loud here to the playlist we’ve created for you all:


**Music online as usual has some streaming restrictions in certain territories, so if this playlist feature doesn’t play for you, don’t worry, here are the ten songs we put together this time around:

1. Freelancer – Sonic Syndicate
2. BOYB – System Of A Down
3. Drive It Like You Stole It – The Glitch mob
4. Cowboys From Hell – Pantera
5. Bodies – Drowning pool
6. Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota – Basshunter
7. Du Hast – Rammstein
8. Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex Remix) – iSquare
9. The Trooper – Iron Maiden
10. This is War – 30 Seconds to Mars

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