Evony’s 10th Anniversary Celebration!

It’s official, Evony is now 10 YEARS OLD!

First of all, we would like to express our most sincere gratitude! Thank you for your trust and support to us all the time!

From May 2009 to May 2019, in the colorful season, we meet here again and celebrate our 10th birthday. We cannot make it without your strong support! Thank you ALL!

During the 10 years of hard work, you have witnessed all of our progress and mistakes. We are also fortunate to witness your success and failure, joy and regret, witnessed the transition from teenagers to adults, meet and marry, have kids, and even have memorials for our players. As an Evonian, you are part of an amazing community, and it’s our privilege to work for you.

We hope that every ten years in the future will continue to serve you. Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude again to all the distinguished customers for your support and trust over 10 years!

Our 10th Anniversary celebration will be running from May 5th until May 12th. During our birthday promotion, we have some great things in store for you!

  • Enhanced Items on Wheel
  • Hammer of Corax – Global PVP Buff
  • Double Cents
  • Gifts!
  • Gift exchange and extra chest!
  • Free Food day on May 5th

The popular wheel is back too. This time around on the wheel you’ll find the Silver Key, Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde, Angel Tokens, Devil Tokens and more.

During the promo, the Hammer of Corax PVP will be active! This buff provides:

  • +10% to Attacker Health
  • -20% to Marching Food Cost

These benefits apply to PVP attacks only.

Double Cents, from May 5th until May 12th. ’nuff said.

On May 5th, you’ll have both free food, and a great birthday gift, from us to you! On top of that, there will be a daily gift for every day of the celebration this year. That’s our thanks to you for keeping Evony active, fun, and the best strategy game on the market.

For the gift exchange this promotion, we’re going to be giving you extra chests. For example, if you make a $60 purchase, you’ll be able to give away 3 chests instead of 2!

During the promotion, for every $30 or more purchase you make, you’ll get:

  • 50% upkeep item to friends/allies
  • Vesta exchange
  • Evony’s 10th Anniversary Key
  • 10th Anniversary Package
  • Extra chest exchange

When you receive the 10th Anniversary Chest from a friend, opening it can get you one of the following sets of items:


  • The Golden Gift
    • 1250 cents
    • 1 x Crystal of Attunement
    • 10 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 5 x War Teleporter
    • 2 x Penicillin
    • 1 x Ultra Corselet
    • 3 x Excalibur
    • 3 x Angel Tokens
    • 3 x Devil Tokens
    • 1 x Gambler’s Charm
    • 6 x War Ensign
  • The Silver Gift
    • 300 cents
    • 1 x Ardee’s Sigil of Recruitment
    • 1 x The Art of War
    • 2 x Angel Tokens
    • 2 x Devil Tokens
    • 1 x The Wealth of Nations
    • 2 x Holy War 5 piece package
    • 8 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 4 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x On War
    • 2 x Fleet Feet
    • 1 x Ivory Horn
    • 6 x War Ensign
  • Luck’s Gift
    • 6 x War Ensign
    • 1 x Angel Token
    • 1 x Devil Token
    • 5 x Dynamite
    • 6 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 3 x Excalibur
    • 1 x Ultra Corselet
    • 1 x Penicillin
    • 1 x Adv Teleporter
    • 1 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x Fleet Feet
    • 1x Ivory Horn
  • Extravagant Present
    • 1 x Penicillin
    • 5 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 2 x Adv City Teleporter
    • 1 x War Teleporter
    • 2 x Excalibur
    • 1 x Angel Token
    • 1 x Devil Token
    • 1 x Fleet Feet
    • 3 x War Horn
  • Anniversary Present
    • 3 x War Ensign
    • 2 x Excalibur
    • 4 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 1 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x Angel Token
    • 1 x Devil Token
    • 1 x Corselet
    • 1 x Fleet Feet

We know you all want to talk to us such as comments, criticisms, suggestions and maybe share your stories during the past 10 years. Any of them will be appreciated here! After all, we don’t have too many 10 years during our whole life, no need to say a game right?

Thanks for 10 years again! My Lords and My Queens!

Today, we are all Evonians!

The Evony Team

72 thoughts on “Evony’s 10th Anniversary Celebration!

  1. Sorry but on SS89 we did not get the 20cent gift only the daily 5cent ones.

  2. Community Manager
    There is no 20 cent birthday gift ! There is only the daily gift of the 5 cents which says Birthday Gift 2019
    Please log in to our server SS88 and show us were this gift is because where you claim chests and gifts has no such gift!

  3. In response to the post above from concerned player regarding someone on 192.

    The truth is the player who made this post is the one who should be banned for abusive behaviour to all players on the server. His post is meta-gaming at its worst. Making a false complaint about someone because of his own lack of playing knowledge and ability. You’ve sunk to new Lows Eamonn Howe/Cove.

  4. You better check out the servers that didn’t get the 10th Anniversary gift package.
    On SS89 there was no gift package for anyone under the top left corner of game screen under packages.

  5. 20 cents in the upper left corner? Perhaps you all forgot that one?

    But what really confuses me is why someone from Evony is being polite and friendly … AND responding to the many insane and overtly stupid comments from the chook shed. (players) This seems extremely out of character. Did someone there have an attack of courtesy?

  6. Dear Lords and Queens,
    Thank you for let us know the missing gift problem on ss89, we are looking into it and fix it as soon as possible. Wish the birthday cake is still fresh:)

  7. A merger of SS65 would be a very welcome sight. Would love to be on a more active fighting server instead of a farming server. Sometimes I burn through 50-60 ports before finding a single city out of holiday worth hitting. Thanks for the consideration….

  8. when are you guys going to ban these big bot players on ss58 all of THESE ALLIANCES diehard-58-7777-777-fbi-008-50-69-dpwu-12-truce-fat-nbk-queens-DogArmy-Aeolians-CRAYONS 14-181-rommal-13-blacksun-lunatics-200-bravhart-hydros-are all auto bot that auto build and make it harder to play

  9. ss73 has been down for 2 hrs can’t login and the 20 cent evony gift top left corner there was none

  10. Do you think you could get cc5 back up please … the server has been down for almost 4 hours

  11. Dear Lords and Queens,
    Just got a reply from our dev team, thanks to the nice weather, the birthday cake is shipped, open it now:)
    Thanks again and sorry for the late birthday cake!

  12. I cannot find where it says exactly what is included in the ◾10th Anniversary Package – [for every $30 purchase]

  13. Seriously Evony some people on SS88 got the 20 cent Anniversary gift how is it possible that only part of the server gets the Anniversary gift. Again you cleared the same exact NPC all Lvl 10 and 5′s For the love of dob stop clearing half the map every 5 days!

  14. Attack glitch on cc1 is making it very hard to farm resources. On some attacks the troops freeze in place with no action when they arrive at target.

  15. but over all it’s been an enjoyable game still trying to adapt to the glitch’s, but still enjoyable
    when you merge is it possible to post merger time in evony time
    I got wires crossed last time we merged

  16. This is the best war game ever by far and you guys at evony should make an effort to bring it back to it’s former glory. These troop glitches are out of hand the old evony crew always patched glitches and I don’t understand why you guys don’t? You may as well just give us all free food all of the time if you will not get rid of the stupid troop glitch and the billions of troops these players have now! We can’t fight anymore because of it, lets go back to colonizing and drafting troops from them? These glitches are way out of hand and this new super wave at maint. where they send a wave with multi millions of troops is crazy, it’s ruining the game. Troop glitches wreck the game period! You guys really need to save this great war game before no one plays it anymore but the glitches who take all the HC’s in a few seconds with all their glitched troops!!!

  17. Do you realise that the majority of players did not get the anniversary gift?

    And the LAG has become extreme.

  18. it’s a pleasant surprise to see some activity from the evony team, we were all beginning to think there was no one left. Firstly, thank you for a great 10 years…I’ve played other games during that time but none have captivated me as long as Evony has. It’s a unique game and beats others of this genre hands down. You still have a great fan base and the best game of this type around. Please restore it to it’s former glory and fix the game glitches and server problems and who knows, there may be people still playing and celebrating your 20th birthday in the future

  19. I would like my money for chests brought returned ! Since the start of this Promo I have had nothing but lag and stuck troops the game is unplayable for my server and I am sure it is for every other server!

  20. THANK YOU EVONY!!!! Thanks for all these years of happiness, madness, angry moments, great wars and fights, tears and strong emotions and personally I thank you for finding my wife in this game :)

    Now for everyone who are complaining for various things I know some suk but some are dumb complaints also. Why someone will complain for billions of troops and not posting the age he is playing? He must be on Age II which I never played. Also if you don’t like bots please tell me when you sleep or work who will stop your enemy from taking everything you own? I really wait an answer here because you can’t stay on 24/7 lol

    As for evony team I really think you should pay a bit more attention at the way server work and are actives. I know bots make it difficult to see activity but it is still possible with a bit more time on this matter. Lags I did not had in ages but probably some people do have, please take a look on this for them. Btw I am sure most of the people will quit if bots will be banned from now. SS67 needs a merge like probably all of the SS around. Also I know the map has to be cleared but please do it once in a month if possible.

    As a suggestion I recomend to make an item that stop reds from trucing, dream trucing, teleporting or holidaying for just 30min-2hrs depends of each of them I say holidaying for 30min all the rest for 1h and maybe stop teleporting away for 2hrs.
    That will make the game more active. Also good job with adding new items on game as banner of the horde.

    Another suggestion will be to make temporary server wars. I mean might be good if various server join a fight in a 1 server that has an end after 50-100 days of war. At the end the best will with items or res or whatever the prize will be and everyoine returns to its originally server as they are. giving them time to rebuild for next servers fight and so on. Whatever is just a suggestion you can take it or leave it :P

    Thanks for giving us a chance to speak to evony team and WELCOME BACK!

    Best regards,
    GLuchiR server SS67

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