Evony’s 10th Anniversary Celebration!

It’s official, Evony is now 10 YEARS OLD!

First of all, we would like to express our most sincere gratitude! Thank you for your trust and support to us all the time!

From May 2009 to May 2019, in the colorful season, we meet here again and celebrate our 10th birthday. We cannot make it without your strong support! Thank you ALL!

During the 10 years of hard work, you have witnessed all of our progress and mistakes. We are also fortunate to witness your success and failure, joy and regret, witnessed the transition from teenagers to adults, meet and marry, have kids, and even have memorials for our players. As an Evonian, you are part of an amazing community, and it’s our privilege to work for you.

We hope that every ten years in the future will continue to serve you. Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude again to all the distinguished customers for your support and trust over 10 years!

Our 10th Anniversary celebration will be running from May 5th until May 12th. During our birthday promotion, we have some great things in store for you!

  • Enhanced Items on Wheel
  • Hammer of Corax – Global PVP Buff
  • Double Cents
  • Gifts!
  • Gift exchange and extra chest!
  • Free Food day on May 5th

The popular wheel is back too. This time around on the wheel you’ll find the Silver Key, Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde, Angel Tokens, Devil Tokens and more.

During the promo, the Hammer of Corax PVP will be active! This buff provides:

  • +10% to Attacker Health
  • -20% to Marching Food Cost

These benefits apply to PVP attacks only.

Double Cents, from May 5th until May 12th. ’nuff said.

On May 5th, you’ll have both free food, and a great birthday gift, from us to you! On top of that, there will be a daily gift for every day of the celebration this year. That’s our thanks to you for keeping Evony active, fun, and the best strategy game on the market.

For the gift exchange this promotion, we’re going to be giving you extra chests. For example, if you make a $60 purchase, you’ll be able to give away 3 chests instead of 2!

During the promotion, for every $30 or more purchase you make, you’ll get:

  • 50% upkeep item to friends/allies
  • Vesta exchange
  • Evony’s 10th Anniversary Key
  • 10th Anniversary Package
  • Extra chest exchange

When you receive the 10th Anniversary Chest from a friend, opening it can get you one of the following sets of items:


  • The Golden Gift
    • 1250 cents
    • 1 x Crystal of Attunement
    • 10 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 5 x War Teleporter
    • 2 x Penicillin
    • 1 x Ultra Corselet
    • 3 x Excalibur
    • 3 x Angel Tokens
    • 3 x Devil Tokens
    • 1 x Gambler’s Charm
    • 6 x War Ensign
  • The Silver Gift
    • 300 cents
    • 1 x Ardee’s Sigil of Recruitment
    • 1 x The Art of War
    • 2 x Angel Tokens
    • 2 x Devil Tokens
    • 1 x The Wealth of Nations
    • 2 x Holy War 5 piece package
    • 8 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 4 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x On War
    • 2 x Fleet Feet
    • 1 x Ivory Horn
    • 6 x War Ensign
  • Luck’s Gift
    • 6 x War Ensign
    • 1 x Angel Token
    • 1 x Devil Token
    • 5 x Dynamite
    • 6 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 3 x Excalibur
    • 1 x Ultra Corselet
    • 1 x Penicillin
    • 1 x Adv Teleporter
    • 1 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x Fleet Feet
    • 1x Ivory Horn
  • Extravagant Present
    • 1 x Penicillin
    • 5 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 2 x Adv City Teleporter
    • 1 x War Teleporter
    • 2 x Excalibur
    • 1 x Angel Token
    • 1 x Devil Token
    • 1 x Fleet Feet
    • 3 x War Horn
  • Anniversary Present
    • 3 x War Ensign
    • 2 x Excalibur
    • 4 x Stygandr’s Banner of the Horde
    • 1 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x Angel Token
    • 1 x Devil Token
    • 1 x Corselet
    • 1 x Fleet Feet

We know you all want to talk to us such as comments, criticisms, suggestions and maybe share your stories during the past 10 years. Any of them will be appreciated here! After all, we don’t have too many 10 years during our whole life, no need to say a game right?

Thanks for 10 years again! My Lords and My Queens!

Today, we are all Evonians!

The Evony Team

72 thoughts on “Evony’s 10th Anniversary Celebration!

  1. Maybe Evony Management needs to look at a Merger for the older Servers. Like Evony has said it’s been 10 Years of Loyalty and maybe Evony needs to reward that loyalty with a Merger of some of the older Servers.

    LTRingo, Host

  2. Thank you Ringo,
    Happy birthday:)
    Suggestion received, as you wish, there will be a merge soon and i’ll be here follow it.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Hi, was wondering if we could please have a server merge, not many people left on all these all server’s because no merger in 8 years :(
    All we want to do is keep playing, enjoying & spending money on this game that we have built up for the last 10 years.

    Many thanks,
    Anubis Vice Host

  4. Hello Evony and Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed playing this game for many years now, and I hope to continue to do so. I would like to express my appreciation for all of you on the Evony Team. Your work has generated countless hours of entertainment. The Evony community as a whole is just wonderful. Thanks Everybody after all these years I cant wait to log back in!

  5. Merging the old servers would be a great idea, otherwise the game will come to an end soon. Or introduce server wars as on The King’s Return.
    The Easter promo was forgotten, so we are glad to have this anniversary promo If we had a promo every month people would coin more. For example in the past we also had a promo for St Patrick.

    LadyDutchy ss37

  6. Order received. My Queen.
    Sorry about the missing promotions:( we will do this better in the future, fortunatly we are back in may after the easter:)
    Moreover, the most important thing is to make server merge as soon as we can.
    Thank you again and have fun in everyday’s life!

  7. Any time frame for this event? Players on multiple servers are adversely affected unless they have time to prepare.

  8. My Lord. Thank you for reminding us about this and thank you for loving this game.
    SS58 is listed on the top of our merge plan now.
    See you on the battlefield of upcoming ‘new’ server.

  9. would love for evony to let us trade in these old expired items for either cents or other items we need as well as a merger on ss58 plus get rid of hacker who keeps stealing accounts

  10. Can’t express how grateful we are now! Thank you My Lord/Queen.
    You made us realize how much we owed to our fans and how fortunatly we are. It isn’t what you fans have in your pocket that makes our thankful, but what you fans have in your heart!
    Thank you!!!

  11. My Lord! What do you think if we can make the arrangement done within this month? And yes, we will try our best if we can make it quick.

  12. Hey admin, thanks for the continuous development of the game. SS91 also needs a merge urgently as it is really stagnating. Please consider.

  13. hi evony just wondering I bourght a chest and didn’t receive double coins just 330, any way to fix this?

  14. Any chance that SS59 will be getting a server merge? there are literally no reds to fight, its dead dead dead, would be awesome to get back into the battlefield!

  15. server 197 would require server merge somewhere too would be nice to have something to hit

  16. My Lord,
    Could you tell us the order number and transaction id of it? I will look into it. Thank you and sorry for the delay.

  17. Can you clear out Dead accounts like Hondo,
    from Alliance BEAR etc.
    Some People want it there, but hasn’t been logged in ages.
    Many Thanks
    Demon. The Real One.

  18. Dear Lords and Queens,
    When there is going to be a merge, we will post the plan here before that.
    Thank you for your attention and support on this game. Hope you all have a nice day and enjoy the special promotion and small gifts!
    Yours sincerely
    Evony Team

  19. Merge of servers is not the most important topic, the lag is!
    Remove the lag and watch how activity will raise again.

  20. Can you investigate a Person, One Person has access to over 600 accounts on server ss88 Called Ratty in a variety of alliance.

    He has access to top 60 accounts including: Mr Red Alert, DarkJoey, Gasbo, Pricker, Soultaker, Hose Beast, High Rat, Fabio, FairVindictive, RattyRat, Jubei, scuzzbucket, REAVER, Mosho & Splat.
    It is an unfair advantage to have so many accounts.

    Just check the ISP they are logged in from, to prove my point.

  21. stop the bots ,people who don’t have a VPN cant cheat , help the honest players

  22. You should consider having gold amulets and legendary rings for sale for a limited time.

  23. Notice Food consumption very high, bring down food consumption.
    More provide more level 5 & 4 barbarian city, too much level 10 city not fully farm by player

  24. Dear Community Manager,

    There is a player on 192 whom nobody likes as he is always mean and nasty to his alliance and his reds. The player is called easyhit. Could you investigate his conduct please and ban him as appropriate.

    Concerned player

  25. please merge 196 also, it looks like 195 and 197 want a merge, making those 3 into an SS would be cool. bring some life back into the game. just one thing though, if the lag is as bad on a new server as it was on SS77 I wont be sticking around for much longer. cheers.
    happy birthday Evony

  26. Mergers are all fine and all but there is still 2 big issues that’s killing the game that needs fixing, one is the holiday mode, there needs to be a monthly limit on how many days an acct can holiday . Users just keep there accts in holiday 24/7 making game unplayable. There also needs to be a Holiday mode cooldown when you come out of Holiday like 24 or 48 hrs or something like that.

    The second issue is hubs, hubs are killing the game. What I suggest is at every maint. every single city on a server gets realigned to new spots or maybe even once every week. these 2 fixes will help in making the game more playable because there will be more opportunities to fight cities otherwise would be buried in hubs or hiding in the holiday mode 24/7.

    Please take these suggestions seriously as there a major factors in keeping actual gameplay flowing.


  27. can we have some dream truces in the shop please also another server merge perhaps with more servers being merged that are level pegging in regard to length of operation

  28. HI EVONY. I think ss75 is in need of a merger big time. We have about 4 people playing and its just dead. 10th year anniversary may be my last if we dont get one soon which is a shame as ive been playing for 10 years

  29. Are there any plans in place to combat the soon coming end of flash? Perhaps an evony desktop client with a bundled flash player?

  30. alot of players whos been here for years an myself would like you all to consider being able to trade in items we will never use for items we need an use most ,like war ports, excaliburs ,banner of the horde, an also a new item called the wraith of god, an item sent in a attack on any given city that kills all troops instantly an can only be used once in hrs, with this item theres no heal an its invisible when sent. thanks for considering

  31. Why are some players getting a Birthday gift, while others are getting a 10 Year anniversary package?

  32. You’ve got a glitch. Some attacking armies are freezing when they reach their target.

  33. Are you going to allow us to buy keys again? I have too many chests from all these years, would like to open more of them. Thanx.

  34. Why not fix the problem with sending out a banner wave, to have it get stuck in mid flight? I could also suggest you fix the issue with being able to send attacks while someone is in dream truce. I am certain there have been numerous complaints about both of these issues to no avail.
    Thanks LL

  35. Dear Evony
    Since Flash is dead and Adobe will no longer update after next year What does Evony plan to do about this?

  36. LOL you call the 5 cent in your birthday gift to us a GOOD promo NO WAY looks like YOU CHEAP and hopeing to make money on the double cents BEFORE you shut the site down

  37. Happy Birthday Evony

    We would really like to see older servers merge but the issues we have need to be dealt with lag is huge and on cc4 we have 10 capitals and atlantis hidden away in 1 city accounts how is it even possible to have a hc as your only city im pretty sure its abuse of the rules

  38. If you really want to make the game fun again make it so BOT’s can’t be used !!!!!

  39. please fix server 201 lag, and bring back the yellow queen. you guys are great.

  40. SS86 is also needing a merger. thank you for 10 years of entertainment evony..

  41. Dear Lord,
    There are two kinds of gifts, one is called birthday gift where you can claim 20 cents one time from the upper left corner of the game, the other one is called daily gift that you can obtain 5 cents daily. Hope you have already found them out:)

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