Tools of Mastery Promotion

Starting on August 28th and going until September 7th, Evony will be celebrating the Tools of Mastery! During the promotion period every purchase will be rewarded with 20% bonus cents

First, the package. Every purchase of $30 or more will receive the Happiness Package, a Vesta for yourself.

And that’s not enough, to celebrate the labor day, check out the shop, all items under ‘production’ tab will have a 20% discount!

Also, free upkeep will be avaliable on Aug 28th and Sep 7th.

Finally, be sure to look at our Wheel of Fortune, it will have upgraded items on it, including:

  • Silver Key
  • Dream Truce
  • Crystal of Attunement
  • Ardee’s Sigil of Recruitment
  • Vesta

Good luck, and may the wheel reward you well!

See you on the battlefield!

Evony Team

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