The Queen’s Feast Begins!

Starting today! The Queen’s Feast begins. The harvest is complete, the world has gotten a little colder, and the days are much shorter. To celebrate, we’re offering you some fun, and 20% bonus cents!

From November 23rd, until November 30th, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Queen’s Feast Chest and Package
  • Free Upkeep Day
  • 50% Upkeep item
  • 20% off Cents Sale
  • Black Friday War Buffs
  • Wheel Items
  • Black Friday Sale
  • Cyber Monday Sale
  • Emperor’s Hallmark
  • Queen’s Feast Hunt
First, things first, for all cents purchases from November 23rd until November 26th, you’ll get a 20% bonus! So a $30 purchase will net you 396 cents. Come the 26th, this deal ends, to make room for our Black Friday sale!


Another thing to look out for on the 26th is FREE UPKEEP! In the grand tradition of the Queen’s Feast, on the day of the feast, all of your troops will be taken care of!

Black Friday and Saber Monday are on the horizon! The only stampede you’ll need to deal with is those archers you send over to your neighbors. Keep an eye on the store on both Friday and Monday to see what deals we have in store for you.

The Wheel of Fortune will have enhanced items on it, and you’ll find our Gambler’s Charm in the store. Also, keep in mind that for every purchase of $120 or more, you’ll receive the Emperor’s Hallmark along with the normal packages and items, this special package includes:

  • Holy Helm of Mars
  • 5x Mechanic Battalion
  • Excalibur
  • Ultra Corselet
  • Dream Truce
  • 5x War Teleporter
  • 5x War Ensign
  • Penicillin

Starting on November 26th and running until Saber Monday, you’ll find your troops to be faster, stronger, and more hardy! We have a PVP focused buff for you where you’ll get:

  • 5% increase to marching time
  • 15% increase to attack when attacking
  • 15% bonus to heal for attackers


Also running during the celebration, you’ll be able to participate in the Queen’s Feast Hunt! During the promotional period, you’ll find Harvest Tokens hidden across the land, in the homes of your neighbors, in the fields, valleys, and even barbarian villages. Every token you turn in will give you the chance to win some great items. Some of those items include:

  • Stone of Finding
  • Vesta
  • War Teleports
  • 10 Cents
  • Adv. City Teleport
  • War Ensign

…and more! You can turn in 5 Harvest Tokens daily, meaning you can get 5 great gifts every day.


Finally, during the Queen’s Feast celebration, for every purchase of $30 or more, you’ll get the chance to give your friends great chests, A Feast for the People, and Vesta, your very own Tom’s Key of the Harvest AND the Feaster’s Bounty. Inside the Feaster’s Bounty you’ll find:

  • 1 x Adv Teleporter
  • 3 x War Teleporter
  • 5 x War Ensign
  • 1 x Senior Medal Box
  • 1 x Stone of Finding
You’ll be able to share with your friends Tom’s Chest of Bounty. A chest chock full of great items. On opening this chest with Tom’s Key of the Harvest you’ll receive one of 5 sets of items, randomly! Some of them include some very high value items, or CENTS! The different items you may get from the Tom’s Chest are:
  • Brace of Jakes
    • 1250 cents
    • 1 x Crystal of Attunement
    • 1 x Ardee’s Sigil of Recruitment
    • 3 x Holy War 5 piece package
    • 3 x Adv Teleporter
    • 2 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x Excalibur
    • 1 x On War
    • 10 x Aries Amulet
    • 10 x War Ensign
  • Solstice Stores
    • 500 cents
    • 1 x Ardee’s Sigil of Recruitment
    • 3 x Holy War 5 piece package
    • 3 x Adv Teleporter
    • 2 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x Devil Token
    • 1 x Angel Token
    • 8 x Aries Amulet
    • 6 x War Ensign
  • Heart of the Harvest
    • 1 x Excalibur
    • 6 x War Ensign
    • 100 cents
    • 5 x Dynamite
    • 1 x Angel Token
    • 1 x Devil Token
    • 1 x Penicillin
    • 2 x Adv Teleporter
    • 1 x War Teleporter
    • 3 x Aries Amulet
  • Harvester’s Great Bounty
    • 1 x Penicillin
    • 4 x War Ensign
    • 2 x Adv City Teleporter
    • 1 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x Angel Token
    • 1 x Devil Token
    • 2 x Aries Amulet
  • Offering of Thanks
    • 4 x War Ensign
    • 2 x Excalibur
    • 1 x Adv City Teleporter
    • 1 x War Teleporter
    • 1 x Fleet Feet
    • 1 x Corselet
    • 1 x Aries Amulet

Enjoy all this as part of our Queen’s Feast! Have fun, happy feasting, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

The Evony Team

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