Tools of Mastery Promotion

Starting on August 28th and going until September 8th, Evony will be celebrating the Tools of Mastery! During the promotion period every purchase of $30 will be rewarded with great incentives.

Overflowing Cup

The Overflowing Cup upkeep item.

First, the package. Every purchase of $30 or more will receive the Happiness Package, a Vesta for yourself, plus the ability to send an Overflowing Cup to a friend along with Happiness chests and a Vesta! While you know the rest, the Overflowing cup is a great ¬†item that will reduce your troop upkeep by 50% and you can use it from August 28th until September 8th, 2014. Also remember, while you can only get the cup between August 28th until September 8th, you can enjoy the benefits until October 8th. On that day we’ll remove any remaining time from the cup’s remaining time. (Note: You will receive one Overflowing Cup per qualifying purchase of $30 or more during the promotional period.)

On top of the Happiness Package, for every purchase of $30 or more we will add in an extra 10% in cents as a thank you and to help you dominate through the appropriate application of force and Excaliburs. If you aren’t familiar with the Happiness Package and the Happiness Chests, their contents will be listed towards the end of the post.

The real kicker here is the bonus cents. Every purchase of $30 or more will net you an additional 10% in cents. However, if you choose to spend $150 or more in a single purchase, you’ll be able to increase that bonus.

  • $150 will receive a bonus 12% in cents
  • $300 will receive a bonus 14% in cents
  • $500 will receive a bonus 20% in cents
  • $1000 will receive a bonus 25% in cents
You can choose your bonus, from 10% to 25%! Finally, be sure to look at our Wheel of Fortune, it will have upgraded items on it, including:
  • Silver Key
  • Dream Truce
  • Crystal of Attunement
  • Ardee’s Sigil of Recruitment
  • Vesta
Good luck, and may the wheel reward you well!


Now, without further ado, the contents of the Happiness Package:

  • 1 x Lion Medal
  • 1 x Rose Medal
  • 1 x Cross Medal
  • 1 x Primary Guidelines
  • 1 x Intermediate Guidelines
  • 1 x War Horn
  • 1 x Corselet
  • 1 x Holy Water
  • 1 x Hero Hunting
  • 1 x Truce Agreement
  • 5 x Amulet
  • 1 x City Teleporter
  • 1 x Special Chest Key


The Happiness Chests:

Special Evony Happiness Chest A:

  • 1 x Freedom Medal
  • 1 x Justice Medal
  • 1 x Nation Medal
  • 1 x Michelangelo’s Script
  • 1 x Plowshares
  • 1 x Arch Saw
  • 1 x Quarrying Tools
  • 1 x Blower
  • 1 x War Ensign
  • 1 x Excalibur
  • 1 x The Wealth of Nations
  • 10 x Amulet

Special Evony Happiness Chest B:

  • 1 x Primary Guidelines
  • 1 x Intermediate Guidelines
  • 1 x Hero Hunting
  • 2 x Merchant fleet
  • 2 x Plowshares
  • 1 x Double Saw
  • 2 x Quarrying Tools
  • 2 x Blower
  • 1 x Michelangelo’s Script
  • 1 x Tax policy
  • 5 x Amulet
  • 1 x The Wealth of Nations

Special Evony Happiness Chest C:

  • 1 x Excalibur
  • 3 x War Horn
  • 3 x Corselet
  • 1 x Truce Agreement
  • 1 x War Ensign
  • 1 x Adv City Teleporter
  • 1 x Michelangelo’s Script


See you on the battlefield!


Edit Note: We made a small mistake on the wording of the Overflowing Cup. That item is something you can send to a friend, and your friend can send to you on purchase. One will not be sent directly to you.

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