Developer’s Diary #1: The King/Queen Quest Sequence

Hello, my name is Darold Higa, and I’m a producer at Evony.  Walt Yarbrough, Vice President of Operations (East Coast), and I will be launching a series of developer diaries on a weekly basis where we hope to give Evony enthusiasts a sneak peek under the hood and behind the scenes here at Evony.  I’ve been asked to kick off the series by talking a little bit about the King/Queen Quests in Evony: Age II.

Quests are an important part of Evony.  In Age I, quests help guide players through the complexities of mastering city building. These quests coach players as they learn about building structures, raising an army and researching technology.  In Age II we have added a number of additional quests.  These quests are easy to spot, all of the new quests in Age II have been labeled with an “Age II” icon.  The series of quests specifically known as the King Quest (if you select a female player avatar) or Queen Quest (if you select a male avatar) is what I’d like to talk about today.  We feel that the King and Queen Quests provide an additional layer of gameplay, preparing you for the ultimate challenge of expanding your empire on the massive multiplayer battlefield we know as Evony: Age II.

The King/Queen Quests guide you into the more advanced levels of the game, prompting you to perform increasingly challenging missions which are well beyond the scope of most of the city-centric quests in Age I.  As the sequence of quests (and the story of your growing romance) unfolds, you increase your title and expand the number of cities under your control.  Eventually you will be expected to engage and conquer high level Barbarian cities, proving your mastery of city conquest and preparing you to deal with multiplayer combat, where player alliances may be engaged in large-scale battles across dozens of cities.

Upon completion of the quests, you will be rewarded with a special Hero, your King or Queen.  This character has very high base Politics, Attack and Intelligence stats, and has no loyalty listed because they will never switch sides.  This hero, once activated, will appear in your Feasting Hall where it can be assigned to missions like other heroes.  This gives you the chance to create a very powerful ally by leveling and equipping your King or Queen.

So, how many people have taken the plunge and completed the King/Queen quest sequence? Surprisingly, only a little over 1% of those playing Evony: Age II have completed this series of quests.  On some of the older servers however, this number is as high as 4%.  This isn’t an easy quest, so don’t expect to instantly finish it from the very start.  If you invest a little time into the effort however, it will pay off.

The most difficult part of the quest is the conquest of high level Barbarian cities.  Here are a few of my suggestions on how to tackle these missions.  First, build a network of cities that can serve as a launchpad for your assault.  Next, build up your army, making sure to have the right mix of forces for the job.  Since there are many different ways to conquer a city, select a mix of forces that fits your unique play style.  Learning how to wear down a city’s defenses takes some practice and planning, so start by first taking over a lower level Barbarian city to get a feel for how it works.  The key in conquering a Barbarian city is to first destroy their fixed defenses with a big initial attack wave, then sending enough followup waves of attackers to dishearten its citizens and drop the city’s loyalty.  Eventually the morale of the city will break, and the Barbarians will relent and surrender making the city a part of your empire.  The challenge is tough, but well worth the effort.

That’s all the time we have for this week’s diary.  See you on the battlefield!

14 thoughts on “Developer’s Diary #1: The King/Queen Quest Sequence

  1. It is great that you think the quests are important. I must note that I quit playing after quest issues. When there is 0 loyalty in the barbarian city for 9 rounds of battle and it never conquers… there doesn’t seem like the time-sink is worth it.

    The other thing that drove me away was the resetting of created npcs. The food requirements require that we have a steady source of food… but with no npc farming the game became a constant hunt for food. There was no enjoyment in that type of game play for those of us that play less than 5 hours a day.

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