Rout of the Emperor!

Take to the field of battle and vanquish the Imperial forces in the Rout of the Emperor! From August 29th to September 4th, get great deals on packages, and take the fight to the enemy for free loot!

Defeat enemy players to retrieve Gilded Horns which you can trade in for more powerful items in our biggest and best hunt ever!

Just collect 10 horns and then turn in the quest to get your bounty!

Throughout the Rout of the Emperor, you’ll get a free Supplies of the Emperor package with every $30 purchase. This package is jammed with the awesome assortment of goodies you’ve come to expect, but things get even better!


Not only do you get a free Supplies of the Emperor, but with every $30 purchase, your friends get rewarded too with TWO Crested Trunks. These trunks need a key to open, which can be found in the Supplies of the Emperor pack. Open one now and save the other for the next Silver Key sale (you never know when that will be!)! And hey, if you spend $60, that’s 4 Trunks for friends!

Your victory over the Emperor’s forces has inspired your soldiers to continue the attack. Each day of the promotion, you’ll receive a War Charm of the Indomitable, which increases the Attack strength of your troops by 15%! This charm only works for attacking troops and won’t help on defense, so be aggressive!

So get out there and get fighting in the Rout of the Emperor! It all comes to a close on September 4th!

The Evony Team


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: “Supplies of the Emperor” offer is valid only to new purchases, new AutoCents subscribers or AutoCents renewals of a single transaction of $30 or more during this period. “Emperor’s Hallmark” offer is valid only to new purchases, new AutoCents subscribers or AutoCents renewals of a single transaction of $90 or more during this period.  You must have a “Key of the Imperator” for each “Crested Trunk” you wish to open. Key of the Imperator is included with a purchase of $30 or more and found in the Supplies of the Emperor during this period.

62 thoughts on “Rout of the Emperor!

  1. Ss73 is not getting their horns at all! I can’t log in at all! This promotion killed my server! I have emailed others and had alliance Skype chats and no one can log in to this server! Evony your upgrades promotions and new servers always lag our servers and kills troops! If your people can’t fix it get new people!

  2. congrats evony, way to screw up another promotion.

    on a good note, thanks for starting to put art of war into the packages.

  3. Almost 24 hrs now that SS73 cant log in. Come on people get off your tush and fix this please. Whats the matter, too busy counting your money from this promo that killed our server????

  4. I thank you for fixing the food buff glitch, finally at 0 upkeep. However, your hunt is the worst ever. For starters, the big prize is a merchant’s fleet instead of a chest with a mystery gift. 2nd, you don’t get any horns from barbarian cities only PvP. 3rd, you still need 10, despite your promo saying 5. The biggest issue for me is that you advertise one thing, and end up doing another. Make up your mind evony.

  5. When are you fixing the dumb horns? attacked 100′s of times so far and have not got a single one and several other players have the same problem so please fix it and give compensation of some sort or way on the broken horns.

  6. well id like to sat thx for fixing the foos isue.. but what about the rest of the Promo.. its all broken.. you guys need to get your SH!T together… Honestly

  7. i think there is nothing i attacked npc (more then 400 war reports) and i did not get anything why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. while i appreciate the quick clarification about requiring 10 of the Guilded Horns vice only 5 before you can turn them in, removing the drop from Barbarian Cities has taken what has been one of the BEST promotions Evony gives us, down to the level everyone complains about. *pout* the 1/2 food is wonderful, but the Guilded Horns now become a joke.

  9. Where are the Gilded Horns????!!!! Another great job on a pormo Evony. And tell me again why I should spend $30?????

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