Evony’s Glorious 4th Anniversary!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: “Knight’s Gear” and “Builder’s Tools” offers are specifically selected at time of purchase during this period. “Warlord’s Array” offer is valid only to new purchases, new AutoCents subscribers or AutoCents renewals of a single transaction of $30 or more during this period. “Emperor’s Hallmark” offer is valid only to new purchases, new AutoCents subscribers or AutoCents renewals of a single transaction of $120 or more during this period. “Double Cents” offer applies to all purchases during the promotional period. All offers are valid now and end May 10th. Celebration Feast items will no longer be awarded from May 10th on, and all Celebration Feasts will be removed on May 14th.

86 thoughts on “Evony’s Glorious 4th Anniversary!

  1. Bought $30 pckg 6 hours ago and got no cents, no chest, NOTHING. Looked in payment history and the status is “upcoming” and it says I bought 30 cents for $30… Delightful 4th anniversary!


  3. Evony doesn’t take care of its customers so I stopped playing! Yay! Holla!

  4. Ya’ll, this is getting ridiculous. I can understand, you still want the incentive to be there, for people to spend. Double cents is great, I know a lot who would agree… But, if its 4 years for ya’ll, make it worth it :) Do a key, and maybe some ports (randoms would be fine, adv would be better), do something that will make your fan base, and customer base proud. Think about giving something back, especially considering this past year has been fraught with problems, and “glitches” that have been “fixed” or looked into. Give the hardcore players a reason to keep lining your bank accounts. When you did the compensation pack, that included a key and other things that people could really use, I knew several players, spenders or not, who had a BLAST. They finally got their gear up, because of that one box they opened, and it had 750 cents. Now, that’s everyone’s experience… but it’s something for people to hold on to. Some of the young one’s cant even spend, let alone see the inside of a chest or pack ever. DO SOMETHING NICE. Wait for the response you get :) not everyone cries foul, all the time :)

  5. Was looking to buy, nothing special here. Same old,same old.
    Give key,s not one key BUT KEYS, coins, or maybe a large amount free spins on the wheel. BUT GIVE US SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!



  7. i started to play on s137 in 2008, how come evony is only 4 years old?

  8. Quit a number of months back – couldn’t stand the server issues, lack of improvements, and terrible customer service. Seems that reading the comments here and on the forum that Evony hasn’t changed a bit. So glad I kicked.

  9. you evony really need to put somthing new, new items or somthing special awsome idk what it may be but do it or your gonna lose lots of people

  10. denny on May 3, 2013 at 2:02 pm said:
    i started to play on s137 in 2008, how come evony is only 4 years old?

    The game came out in ’09, sorry about your confusion, but it didn’t come out in ’08.

    I plan to coin. I mean, what’s a birthday party without double cents? Stop complaining people. They don’t have to give us anything, so atleast be grateful for what we are getting.

  11. Still cannot select the Knights gear, theres a drop down box but no option to purchase one two or whatever, stuck at zero. Using IE and Windows 8. TIA.

  12. Thanks for double coins etc they are always a winning package with me. Could we work on the broken gates strat that features in some promotion to be available for purchase in the shop? Also how about a anti truce/port strat to force people into fighting. I know this is an isuuse on some servers where players build up 100s of millions of troops but refuse to fight. Any feedback welcomed. Thanks, Loyal Evony player

  13. Is it not now May 5th?………….

    I do not have free food upkeep…..

    It is 1900 hrs….05/05/13 In Melbourne and supposedly 0400 hrs 05/05/13 in USA????

    Am I wrong?

  14. oh well is that free food a big lie??
    we still got our troops eating the food..

    its 5th of May already,,


  15. We have loser scumbags in na28 dropping all their cities down to one HC hiding their HH’s and cheating they system. Why won’t you fix this? This is supposed to be against the system imposed rules, can’t have an HC as your last city but it’s happening all the time now.

  16. My food is still red although other players have free upkeep. I have claimed and opened the Anniversary pack and refreshed a number of times. What’s up !!!!!!!

  17. time to change up the business as usual promotions. Lets put Keys on the wheel so people can use the chests they are accumulating. Vesta’s would also be a great addition to the wheel. I am not going to spend over $3000 so I can open the chests that are building up. I like the idea of merging servers, some of them are already controlled by a strong alliance or two. I will revive the server and make it more enjoyable again. Been on na29 for 2 1/2 years

  18. * FACE PALM*!!!! NO upkeep again….geez i would think you guys would have that figured out by now….you had plenty of time to NOT FORGET, but i guess you did….AGAIN!!

  19. HAPPY IN-GLORIOUS BIRTHDAY, Evony! Where is the free food you promised?

    Instead of Cinco de Mayo, we get Sink-oh-de-Evony (or is it Stink of de Evony), once again failing to live up to the hype and promise, once again meeting our expectations by not delivering on the advertised bonus and benefits. But that’s alright, we are used to putting up with the lag, the things taken away, the ‘fixes’ that take the fun out of the game, and all the other things that are screwed up.

    Keep up the good work -) !

  20. Where are the feasts. my alliance did not get any says till the 14th .. and where is free upkeep…..
    please. I mean. Really ?
    think we are faithful spenders . I been here 4 years.
    so . nows the time to repay us .
    thanks. I think .

  21. BORING! It’s the same old stuff, with nothing exciting or new. Have you all lost any imagination you might have once had? It’s your 4th anniversary, and you can’t introduce anything different? The “Emperor’s Hallmark” is just the “Warlord’s Array”, multiplied times 4 (at four times the cost), with a few extra old trinkets thrown in. How about some brand new items that no one has ever seen before? I stopped paying and playing because this game is tired and lame. I moved over to Forge of Empires, because it is a lot more fun, and they introduce new things from time to time.

  22. This was a nice package,and thanks for the 50percent food buffs for friends,appreciate that :)

  23. Where is today’s free upkeep? Evony, the weekend is when we need it. When, if, you get it fixed, give it to us on a weekend please.

  24. I got the free food upkeep and nobody on ss 54 has complained what I know.
    Very nice to not have to race for food especially since the maintainance team seems to think it is a good thing to clear NPCs alomost every day.

    It is really annoying with all the chests we all have in store. Keys at a low cost would be great or as a bonus gift when we buy cents. The stuff like “Bavarian brew” etc that can not be used anymore ought to be removed. Please do that.

    Have a nice play!

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