Valentine Fix: Servers 156, 159, 161, WN4

We’re restarting servers¬†156, 159, 161, and WN4 to apply a fix that will correct a problem with the Valentine’s promotion that was created when the datacenter lost power 2 days ago.

This fix will make sure the Valentine’s Day promotion is working and that any purchases made during the non-working period will automatically get their correct packages, chests and candy delivered.

In addition, we’ve extended the Valentine Candy useage period for 3 more days on these servers so that people have time to get free food before it goes away at the end of the promotion.

Our Customer Service staff are also standing by to help with any other issues with the promotion. If you need them, they are always just a click away in the Evony Help Center.

Thanks for bearing with us as we got this issue fixed!

2 thoughts on “Valentine Fix: Servers 156, 159, 161, WN4

  1. i still cant apply them it says i have to use them between certain dates. More people in my alliance had the same problem

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