Battle of Christmas

Update! Battle of Christmas extended to January 6th! Don’t miss your last chance for Double Cents!

Just hear those sleigh bells ringing and weapons jingling too!
Come on its lovely weather for a battle together with you!

Its the Battle of Christmas across the lands of Evony and there is so much to do! To start it off, we have the ever-popular Double Cents! That’s right, from server maintenance on the 21st until the end of the year, get double the normal amount of Cents on every purchase!

You can also find a Christmas Castle in the shop to make your city look like a festive holiday keep, and there’s even an advanced model that will work on all your cities!


What is Christmas without a snowball fight? During the Battle of Christmas, if you attack enemy player or barbarian cities, you can win Snowballs to cash in for free Christmas loot! Can’t beat freebies!


And what about a Christmas Package? We’ve got you covered! With any purchase of $30 or more, you’ll get a free Christmas Package, jam-packed with Christmas goodness all for you! You even get a Gingerbread Key! Plus a War Chest and Milk and Cookies for your friends and even Vesta’s Blessing for one special friend. What a deal!

Its the season of giving, so of course you want to hook your friends up too! If you make any $30 purchase during the Battle of Christmas, your friends will get a Christmas War Chest, full of just the stuff they need to wage war, along with Milk and Cookies! They’ll need a Gingerbread Key to open the chest!

Milk and Cookies aren’t just for Santa. When you make a purchase of $30 or more, you can send all of your friends Milk and Cookies that reduce the upkeep of troops by 50% for 24 hours! Delicious!


The festivities all end on January 6th! so don’t miss out! Have a blast in the battle for Christmas!

The Evony Team


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer is valid only to new purchases, new AutoCents subscribers or AutoCents renewals of a single transaction of $30 or more during this period. The 100% bonus on Cents Offer is available and valid from December 21 through December 31. 

The Battle of Christmas promotion shall run from December 21 through December 31. To receive the 50% reduction food consumption buff, The “Milk and Cookies” item must be used between December 21 and January 3. On January 4, 2013, all buffs and all unused Milk and Cookies items will be removed. To open the Christmas War Chest, you must have a Gingerbread Key. Gingerbread Keys are obtained for each purchase of $30 or more during the promotional period. 

192 thoughts on “Battle of Christmas

  1. look peeps i just started like 3 or 4 days ago so give me some slack besides im only 10 not 12 theres a 2 year difference duh so dont call me the b1tch i cant even buy anything because i dont have enough coins like i said i just started

  2. I opened the christmas gift package and didn’t get any of the 3 benefits. As usual, your items don’t work This game used to be good. You have made it worse and you have let all the cheaters ruin a good game. What a useless game. Get rid of the cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have made 2 purchases and I have not received double cents on either of them..who do I contact to get this resolved?

  4. Dear evony,

    You have many players asking for a server (Na47) to come out now while double cents are out. You know that this is a huge opportunity to cash in on it, please don’t be stupid.

    A player that is waiting for Na47 to come out,

  5. On January 4, 2013, all buffs and all unused Milk and Cookies items will be removed.

    we have the ever-popular Double Cents! That’s right, from server maintenance on the 21st until the end of the year, get double the normal amount of Cents on every purchase!

    kinda stupid, i get my check on 3rd… but double cents end on 31.. but cookie lasted till 3rd… evony if u would recheck ur date… i bet u would make serious money if u have it double cent till the 3rd…. while rich people have easy flexible purchase while other non rich people have limit…. come on evony stop giving rich people benfits!!! Com’ on man

  6. Snowballs, what a joke i got 2 piles of snowballs and got 20000 iron. How a bout some thing like good Medals or script’s or maybe a On War. When you had the feathers i got a speaker and a 10000 food. Pluss i have to attack 30 to 40 Barbarian
    cities to get a lousy 10000 iron. Thank you i hope you had great Christmas, the so called gifts are not so great. Oh well what can we expect from Evony BOT lovers.

  7. Greetings- I had some penicillen running when I opened my “Christmas Gift”.
    THe Christmas Gift not only cancelled out the penicillen it actually lowered the
    heal rate. WTF you morons! Do you test these gifts before you hand them out?

  8. Thank you!! I was about to spend some money on this game but since i see a lot of players saying they do not get their extra cents, i wont be taking that chance!
    I’d rather wait until its all sorted out.

  9. The Bots have gotten out of hand. You can not tell me that the powers that be @ Evony can’t tell that Bots are running. They have ruined the game.

  10. I buy $30.00 last week I didn’t get double coin like it said Evony. I want my double coin before I start to buy again :(

  11. The big coiners are the botters. They coin hard when the server is new and trash the map with lvl 5 NPC’s. Evony will do nothing to stop this because they need the income. I never play much beyond BP mode anymore. Cap a 10 and quit, because the map is trashed. How smart do you have to be to coinbot?

  12. Hey, this is a reply to Dixster.
    “On December 29, I spent $30 and got 630 cents and a gift package. Where are the double cents?”

    The 630 IS the double cents. Normally for a 30$ packaged you get 330 cents.

  13. really i spent all this time to get 10 snowballs to get a pile of snow and i get 1 speaker. this is a waist of time

  14. Is there going to be any special for the new years, cause it says double cents end it 2012. So i take that as new years has no specials

  15. Oh and i just wanted to know if there are evony cards, because some people have to cash to buy coins and they jst dont have a credit card so they cant get the purchase coins. So making evony cards that you can sell in public places like WalMart will be good, all u need to do is put a code that when entered will give the user the amount the card is worth. Jst my idea dont know if u are doin it or if u can do it :P

  16. Warangel: Click on the ‘buy coins’ tab in game. As you can see there are many payment options. One of those options is , available at wallymart, 711, and many other quickimarts. $20 per card, buy two get a pack. Spare credit is saved on the payment account.

  17. extend the double cents for new years day… why end it before the actual holiday we act time new years eve is the holiday but its not.. Also you should have some of the silver keys.. do it in like a week so ppl spend their coins if u still wanna make a buck and not just have everyone use their coins to get silver chests.

  18. yerface said it perfect. na47 needed to come out last Saturday… wtf? You know how many friggin nerd would have been up New Years draining funds into a new server?

  19. I have to say this was a productive double cents period, got my gear to level 9, took $120.

    Got all but 2 stars to 9 with an extra $60, the last 2 got to 5.

  20. Could all of the milk and cookies gift items people have essentially paid for be used until they run out, instead of shutting them off on the date you set?

    Also, you could do this same policy for other holiday gift items given throughout the year. During holiday promotions, it would motivate people to coin more if they knew they were going to get to use the gift item, particularly when the item is for zero upkeep, which has a high appeal in itself.

  21. Pretty stupid if you ask me….. making silver keys $11 for 1 key who do you think we are bill gates ? now ive got 2k spare cents and alot of chests that i cant open cuz im sure im not going to spend any more money if this is whats going to happen. sort it evony !

  22. in the Past you was able to buy silver key was 50 cent
    not buy one give one i was told i was going to get to buy silver key
    if we are not doing this i wanna rerund on all the cent i got that i got on bad info

  23. Another Evony ploy to get people to spend money..
    Silver keys was suppose to go on Sale New Years Day
    There is none–
    thanks evony– for your lies–
    I won’t be spending again

  24. why is it when you but the double cents ……the second time you go to buy more cents it rejects your credit card….last 4 days now

  25. bought 2 packs for Double cents – because there was a POP UP on my screen first day of the sale saying SILVER KEYS AVAILABLE JAN 1 – its Jan 1 and NO KEYS FOR SALE IN SHOP – are u pulling a BAIT AND SWITCH? – the double cents is a great promotion but there was deception involved – why dont u reply to these comments? these forums become a whine session because u show lack of customer support – at least let ppl u hear their complaints and care even if ur pretending to – we know the truth otherwise tho

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  27. this is on their official blog – I say THEY NEED TO EXTEND EVERYTHING – ALL THE BOOTS and log in problems they caused with adding a new server – TIME TO RECIPROCATE our loyalty to you – show us that you appreciate it*****
    Get Silver Keys in the shop! For 3 days only, you can get a key to open ANY chest! They are available in the shop for a limited time only, so get em while they last!
    The Silver Key opens a chest from any previous promotion! If you have old chests sitting around gathering dust, just grab a few Silver Keys from the shop and collect your bounty!

    The Silver Key is gone January 4th! Don’t miss it!

    And don’t forget, the Battle of Christmas is still underway! You can get some great items for you and your friends! Its all happening right now!