Queen’s Feast Approaches!

This Wednesday, the Queen’s Feast begins in Evony! We celebrate this royal day with good food and close friends.

The festivities begin this Wednesday November 21st with 20% bonus Cents on all orders. That means $30 will get 396 Cents! The deal starts after server maintenance on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Queen has declared that there will be free food for all! Troops won’t eat any food!

There will also be Thanksgiving Packages, War Chests, Turkey and Dressing and more! We’ll tell you all about Queen’s Feast soon!

We’ll see you on the battlefield,

The Evony Team

65 thoughts on “Queen’s Feast Approaches!

  1. Plz Evony read these msgs we all want the same thing value for our $$. We spend & spend what do we get not enough for what we are spending. We ALL NEED SILVER KEYS must of us have hundreds of chest that we would have to spend thousands to open up. Why ? If you are not going to give us what we what “key’s” how about some sort of buy back pkgs. Get rid of the ton of stuff in our Items box. Have we not spend enough. Now I’m going to hold my breath see what happens, hope you do not let me & the others DOWN. ; )

  2. I heard that the star success percentages were reduced (due to programmer error) by 40% when the Halloween haunted houses were implemented. When are the percentages going to be fixed?

  3. I spend as much as I dare. This is close to 3 yr’s for me.
    I truely enjoy this game, as well the interaction of those we
    meet on World Chat. I would like to see the Silver Key!s
    made more available. The one’s I have bought were great,
    and I was able to get rid of a few packages. I would like to see
    some sort of compatition for cent’s or other items.
    Thank you. Edward, Foster/Boarca.

  4. Pfft, I’ll spend money again once there is reason to…meaning a server merge. Until then, this phat wallet stays shut!!!

  5. Evony we want silver keys that is the very least you can do for killing star ratio which was already crazy enough. The goody bags were a good idea and turkey hunt fun since ammies were taken away. Every player wants star ratio back forget haunted houses, give them vesta’s for haunted house to get rid of them.

  6. Why you owe me? Your haunted house disabled me for day’s and now I’m out of food plus building plus troops, etc.

  7. Thanks for the free food, but why are the 50% buffs still running out? I used Vesta and Turkey for nothing?

  8. That was the shortest 24 hr. food feast I ever saw. Evony get with it or your going to loose payers and players!!!!!!!!

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