Service Outage

Recently, due to issues at our external data center our servers have been taken offline. This is a global issue for all of Evony, and other company products.

We are currently working on resolving the issue, which is largely out of our control. We’re sorry for the disruption, and we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can right now to restore our services and find a solution to these issues.

At this time, the following services are affected:
- Evony Forum
- Helpspot
- Evony Mainpage and Account Management
- Evony Age 1
- Evony Age 2

We will update here with new information as it comes available. While this was out of our hands, we’re sorry, and we’re working on bringing everything up as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Comforting Change

Hi folks, I wanted to make a quick devblog entry regarding a change we’ve been working on with the comforting system. For a long time it’s been extremely over powered. For what was a handful of food, one could repeatedly comfort in their city, completely blocking out other players from ever having the chance to take a city they’ve earned. This is a heavily overused feature, especially within the population of players who account share and bot, due to the low cost, and ease of using it to mount a completely unbeatable defense. While it is part of the game, and has been unchanged for a long time, it’s a detriment to the spirit of fair combat, it removes challenge, and it rewards cheating.

With those realities in mind, we changed the feature up a little. Now the cost will be scalable, and related to the actual makeup of both your cities and how you use the comforting feature. As you use the comforting feature more, the cost increases. After some time, the cost reduces. We’ve done this to take a step towards bringing more fair combat back, and to make defense less of a sure thing if someone is willing to resort to defense by comfort.

Currently, we’re using a formula that will determine food cost, then we apply a modifier based on the amount of times you use the feature within a period. Currently it caps at 10mil, but we’ll be watching that cap and see if we need to move it up or down.



New Age II Server: War-Scythe!

We’re happy to announce another new Age II server opening! We’re opening the new Age II War-Scythe Server on June 5th at 9 p.m. (server time). Rally your allies and prepare for a new battlefield!

Head to the forums to join the discussion!

A war-scythe is one of the earliest, simplest and most effective infantry weapons. Often they were simply re-tooled farm implements, with blades designed for slashing opposing infantry at range and for dismounting cavalry. Polearms required less training and skill than swords, making them perfect for militias and conscripts.

DOUBLE Cents Today and Tomorrow ONLY

It’s been a great birthday weekend so far but we’re not done yet! We’re wrapping up Evony’s Third Birthday celebration with a bang! Yep, DOUBLE CENTS is here for TODAY and TOMORROW only!

Whether you’ve been with us for all three years, or you just joined us, we’re glad you’re here! That’s why we’re offering the most-requested promotion, Double Cents!

If you make a purchase of $10, you’ll get 200 Cents instead of 100. If you purchase $30, you’ll get 600 Cents instead of 300! And don’t forget, the Evony Happiness Package is included with all purchases of $30 or more!

This is an easy way to get a ton of great Evony items like On War, Excalibur and Aries Amulets, but the deal will be gone after tomorrow, so don’t wait!

You can join the discussion on our forums.

Thanks for helping make Evony such a success, and we look forward to many more years of battle!

We’ll see you on the battlefield,

The Evony Team

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Double Cents offer is valid only to new purchases during the specified period. Double Cents offer is not valid with AutoCents. Offer is valid now and ends on May 7th.Evony Happiness Package offer includes an Evony Happiness Package with a purchase of $30 or more, and it may be combined with the Double Cents offer.