Facebook Fan Round-up: “You Know You Love Evony When…”

Welcome to the latest community round-up, a series of posts in which we shine a spotlight on some of our favorite player comments from the Evony Official Facebook. This time we asked players what was their best “You know you love Evony” moment they had experienced in their everyday lives. For example, “You know you love Evony because you try to pay for everything with cents!” or “You know you love Evony when you friends ask for your address, you give them your coordinates!”
Here are a few great responses you shared with us on our Facebook wall!
Willyum Lamar – “You know you love Evony when you wake up in the middle of the night telling everyone you just capped Atlantis solo…. Then you realize you were asleep…”
Liam Smith – “Every time you pass by a forest, you wonder how many archers are in there.”
Christine Shaw – “I love Evony – for one reason – giving me friends I wouldn’t have without it.”
ReBecca Dunn – “You know someone loves Evony when you give someone your phone number and tell them to text you if you need any resources. Lol.”
Charles Wilson – “You know you love Evony when you fall asleep and start sleep talking saying “I’ve got to upgrade my homes.”
Angel Essman – “You know you love Evony when you’re watching TV and you compare troop counts to the ones on TV. Oh man my archers are better than his………..”
Frederick Burkert – “You know you love Evony when you drive by buildings and wonder what level they are.”
Travis Roe – “You know you love Evony when you think of using a Thunder Raid to make the bus go faster.”
Chamuco Evony – “You know you love Evony that when instead of house hunting for a new home, you call it “scouting”.”
We received so many hilarious comments, it’s just impossible to highlight them all! The only way to get featured here though is to just chat with us regularly on our Facebook posts! If you don’t see your name today, you might be up here next time!
Evony is a fun game to spend time playing, and it’s always interesting to see how time away still ties back into the world of Evony. To our players out there who have fun playing and take the time to laugh at the similarities they see, thank you! Just remember, coordinates are not a valid replacement for your address when you order a pizza. :)
Happy Battling!