Player Profile #11: Kenjo, Evony Private Eye

Meet Kenjo, private eye, both off the field and on the field in Evony! Kenjo was recommended highly by another player, Andrew, for his honorable contributions to new players and the entire community on his server (NA 22). Maybe you know him! He’s been around. :)

Private EyeKenjo, how long have you been playing Evony? What initially attracted you to the game?

I’ve been playing Age II since the advent of server NA 22.

You came highly recommended from another cool, active player in the community. You’re known to help the newbies and those trying to complete difficult quests. What drives you to help others so often in-game?

I think people forget this is a game and forget what it was like when they first started. People develop an ego, and forget what it was like for someone to teach them the game.

Outside of playing Evony, we heard you are passionate about racing! Do you take the track yourself or do you just like to watch from the sidelines?

Yes, I race both Motorcycles and Karts.

If you could own any exotic (read: shiny and expensive!) car, what would it be and why?

An Aston Martin DB9, because it’s not a red one with a horse on it. ;)

With the game being real-time, sometimes a battle on the battlefield can go down in mere minutes flashing before your eyes! Do you ever feel like watching a race is at all like fighting an exciting battle in Evony?

Yes, haha. When someone ports in with ill intentions and things start flashing, my heart rate goes up a bit.

Being from Australia, do you find you have a different experience playing Evony than some of your friends from other countries because of time difference?

No, most people who play Evony either work odd hours or just play pretty often, and often late at night.

As an investigator, your job is an interesting one. Can you tell us what a typical day on the job is like for you?

Well, I can say that you get abused just about every day and everything is your fault. It’s not easy!

Have you found that your investigation skills from work have helped you succeed in Evony? Have a secret reputation for investigating and weeding out the spies we should know about?

Yes, I seem to find out most things that are happening before other people, but I don’t know why…

Would you like to give a shout out to your alliance or any of your in-game friends?

Yes, to Andrew (Warbound), LilB, DirtyAussie and all the crews from NWO and NWO2. And if I could suggest anything for the game, I’d love to see more ways to obtain Silver Keys! :)
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Player Profile #10: Charlie, Lord Alfred27, Martial Arts Master

KatanaThis month’s player profile is a special one – Charlie (Lord Name: Alfred27, on server 131) comes recommended by another player from server 131, Blake, who told us a bit about Charlie’s inspiring story of triumph. Not to mention, he comes from a family of ninjas.
How long have you been playing Evony, and how did you get started?
Since late December 2009. My youngest son suggested I look at the game; he thought it was like the games I used to play on computers.
We understand you were dealing with some health issues when you first started playing Evony. Were your friends and alliance mates supportive of you?
I was recovering from spinal surgery. It was the first opportunity in many years (between being ‘off the job’ and recently an ‘empty nest’ parent) to engage in something fun like this.
So we hear you have a son! Care to tell us a little about him?
I have three children, all of whom I am very proud of! The youngest (who got me involved in Evony), has the rank of 3rd degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and has a steady job in the manufacturing sector.
Aside from the obvious fact that ninjas and martial arts are two of the most awesome things, what made your son interested in taking up martial arts?
That is a great question. I think there were many reasons. Some of it had to do with being competitive and not doing as well as he would have liked in other things like football.
What made you want to join your son in practicing martial arts?
Actually, at the beginning, I wasn’t interested. I have significant arthritis and joint disease. However; my son insisted that I do martial arts with him! After about a year, I noticed that I was able to deal with my condition much better. Eventually, my spine failed as a result of degeneration. I still practice martial arts in an attempt to forestall another surgery.
Raising a child and making time for your favorite games like Evony can be really fun if you play together. Does your son play Evony with you?
He has not played since some time before my surgery. I’ve spent some time looking for him in the game. When I mentioned it to him he said, “Well, I just started a new job, and I haven’t had as much time right now…” Haha.
Balancing your favorite hobbies can be challenging! How often do you practice martial arts? How often do you play Evony?
I practice martial arts 5-10 hours a week. I also put about that much time into Evony!
So tell us, and no need to be humble here, do you kick as much butt on the Evony battlefield as much as you do at martial arts?
At 58 years old, I like to think, “Yes, I do!” I’m hoping my “stats” in Evony rise up over the next few months to reflect my rank in martial arts a bite more. ;)
Here’s your chance to shine – grab the mic and give a shout-out to your alliance or a good buddy from Evony!
Many thanks to Papa Russ and all the (former) “Crushers” out there who helped me. Gotta say, the ‘Crazy 88s’ definitely have it together.
And special thanks to Tigger for watching while I port without regard to where I’m landing. Captinj, Xena, Scorpio88s, Nifta, Rosy, Thwanie and all the rest! I’ll do my best to keep the ‘vestas’ coming. :)

Player Profile #8: Meet Sarah!

This time around we’d like to welcome Sarah (you may know her as Imicke on Na30 Halberd or @Saspirilla on Twitter) for our latest Player Profile! She’s a long-time fan who is one of our most creative players out there. She’s currently working on a fantasy novel that she’s trying to finish in a mere 30 days… while juggling the fun and friends of Evony! But we’ll let her tell you more about that. :)
How long have you been a player for?
Since around the end of June 2009.
We noticed you’ve been participating in the writing challenge called NaNoWriMo. Could you explain what that is all about?
NaNoWriMo is a crazy month where you attempt to write 50,000 words in the month of November. 50,000 words is a short novel, often called a novella. At the end of November 2009, I’d written half of what became my first completed story. I’m currently rewriting it and using CampNaNoWriMo as motivation. CampNaNo is a new venture, the same as the main NaNoWriMo, and it takes place over July and August. I’m aiming to have rewritten my work from NaNo 2009 by the end of this August! *crosses fingers*
What is the novel you are attempting to complete for NaNoWriMo about?
Deirinna is the daughter of the late Emperor. Her mother ran away when she realised she was pregnant. She was hidden by the Diamairun, a secret society in the Northern mountains. When her mother was found, she was brought back to the Palace, but was murdered before the Emperor could find out what happened and why. The story starts when Deirinna is found and the men trying to question her can’t get any answers. The Captain sees her eyes, one brown and one green, and recognises then as a Marking of the Imperial Bloodline; the bloodline that the Captain has sworn to protect. To complicate things, the Captain is also one of the few people still alive who knows exactly what happened to her parents, but he can’t tell her anything. The story unfolds as Deirinna starts to examine her family history, with a few surprises on the way.
What was your inspiration behind the story of this novel?
I sat down at the computer on the 1st of November. I started writing what first came to mind. Deirinna and the Captain were the first two characters, but their back stories took a lot of head-scratching to figure out. There were a few eureka moments as November rolled on, but no lightning bolts of inspiration. I didn’t have a dream or anything as silly as that. Hard graft brought this story about.
Have you ever written or read any Evony fiction before?
Nope. Something to consider.
Do you have any in-game friends who write or with whom you like to share your writing with? Is there somewhere we can read anything you’ve written online?
No. I sometimes talk to alliance members about what I’m writing but I don’t share actual writing with them. I don’t post anything online (someone might steal it) but you can look at my NaNoWriMo profile ( to see the prologue of my next project. I need to change a couple of things but the bare bones are there.
What keeps you coming back and playing Evony?
It’s addictive! Also I’ve met some great people. I’ve moved around a couple of servers and I’m in touch, mostly through Facebook, with people I’ve spent months playing with.
Would you like to give a special shout-out message to any friends or your alliance?
Hi BonFire! Thanks for putting up with me and irritating net connection!


Evony Player Profile #8: Moises Vasquez of the USMC

This latest Player Profile is a spotlight on Moises Vasquez, Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Moises discovered Evony online with his fellow Marines during deployment. In-game you may know him as Lord That1Guy.


Hey Moises! We’re happy to feature a proud marine as an Evony player today. About how long have you been playing Evony?


I’ve been playing Evony for 1 year in exactly 5 days.
You mentioned you just returned from deployment. Is there anything about that experience you feel comfortable sharing?
Well deployment is not as bad as everyone says it is. In fact, it’s very fun and the 7 months go by faster than you think!
What’s something cool/interesting about you that most people don’t know?
A lot of people don’t know that I’m actually a computer nerd. A funny situation was when some other marines said, “Let’s play football!” and I asked how to play and next thing you know they’re shouting, “Heads up!” and I got smacked in the face by an M16 magazine…


Besides Evony, what else do you do for entertainment? Hobbies, sports, music, movies, etc.
My hobbies include football, MMA, and Brazilian jiujutsu. I love all music and love to play video games!
What was it about Evony that kept you coming back? What do you like about the game?

For me what keeps me coming back to Evony is just trying to beat everyone I attack or else I just get mad and I have to keep on trying because I’m a marine and I can never give up.
Do you consider any players you’ve met friends?

Everyone I meet and talk to I consider a friend as long as they don’t attack my city. That means war.

Do you know other members of the military who play?

I know from my section or close friends about 6 of us play Evony on a daily basis or try to when we go on deployment.
You’re a dedicated player! It’s always 10x more fun when you’re playing with your friends. What’s been a moment in your time playing Evony that’s been particularly cool or interesting?

An interesting moment in the game was when i attacked a level 7 NPC and I somehow won with only 3000 solders!
Want to shout out to your alliance or another player?
I would like to give a shout out to my alliance Dynasty2 even though I hardly see anyone on but they have been very nice to me since I’ve been back and they have been showing me all the new things Evony has added.