Evony Community Playlist #6: A Soundtrack for Your Conquests!

PlaylistWe took player suggestions from the official Evony Facebook and Twitter pages to create for you the latest community playlist! Our players answered with their favorite song to listen to while hacking away mercilessly at their enemy’s city, and we created a playlist of ten songs using suggestions from our players and fans! This time around there were a lot of great recommendations from our community! You’ll find some stolen stuff, a dubstep lady, some european hardrock/techno, a pool full of bodies, and some guys declaring war.

Did your song make it into the playlist this time? Check out the full list of songs that made it onto the playlist below, and listen live and loud here to the playlist we’ve created for you all:


**Music online as usual has some streaming restrictions in certain territories, so if this playlist feature doesn’t play for you, don’t worry, here are the ten songs we put together this time around:

1. Freelancer – Sonic Syndicate
2. BOYB – System Of A Down
3. Drive It Like You Stole It – The Glitch mob
4. Cowboys From Hell – Pantera
5. Bodies – Drowning pool
6. Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota – Basshunter
7. Du Hast – Rammstein
8. Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex Remix) – iSquare
9. The Trooper – Iron Maiden
10. This is War – 30 Seconds to Mars

Community Round-up

Hey Evonians! Welcome to a new series of posts in which we’ll look at some of our favorite fan comments from Facebook for the month. It’s impossible to recognize all the great players who chat with us and each other, so don’t be bummed if you don’t see your name here this time!
This month we asked players about their in-game mentor or mentors and got a lot of great responses. Here are some of our favorite answers:
Billy Horton – “I want to thank all of the members of United on na32. We lost one of our own Jacob, aka MRDEAD2. He was KiA last week overseas defending our nation and our freedom. He was not only our teammate, and our friend, but he was part of our family! He will be missed dearly. R.I.P Jacob. Thank you for your service and the sacrifice you made, in order to ensure our freedom, and our way of life. You may be gone from our lives, but never our hearts, and minds. We will miss you brother.”
Melissa Satterwhite –“ Wow…tough one, cause I’ve had some great mentors. I can’t possibly limit this list to one person. Top of my list is whattheh for teaching me about colonizing, Jay2 for teaching me game strategy and talking me off the ledge a few times when I thought I would lose it, PUNISHER for his great leadership, OneBigBird for reinforcing the basics, and DarkLegion for teaching me about troops and ratios.”
Hazoot Benwar – “Don’t know his/her real name but they went by Chaoslord on NA29. Very aggressive player that encouraged me to be an aggressive player as well. Could rally folks behind him to take HC’s , destroy our enemies and take their HH’s :-)
Christine Aslani – “‎Rob Lovett aka SleepyBob was(is) my mentor in Evony. He is forever testing out new scenarios in the game and using me as a guinea pig, lol! I have come very far in the game with his inspiration and the knowledge we’ve both gained over the past year+ that we’ve played together. Thanks Rob. :)
Marcus Douglas – “A lot of you have come a long way, and I could learn from the players today, espically Nnami, I may have been his mentor, but now he is mine. If I have any questions today, I go to him. He is the best.”
Ruthless leaders who teach war tactics, great teachers who kindly and effectively help those who are lost and players growing together to share a family-like bond: mentors make Evony a better place! To all the mentors out there, thank you! And to anyone who is looking to become a better player, remember where you started. Next time someone new asks for help or explanations think about your mentors and how you could become one for them!

Evony Community Playlist #5 – Craving Some Metallica with a Hint of a Singing Rapper?

It was feeling a little quiet yesterday, don’t you think? For a Music Monday – that’s just inexcusable! So we had you all suggest the songs for the fifth playlist to keep those ears jamming today. As always you guys love Metallica, Pink Floyd, and ACDC with a few popular suggestions for Lil Wayne’s “How to Love” as well. Yep. Rappers can sing. Now we’ve seen everything…
Click the link to jump to the playlist: http://pl.st/p/22483855883
**Note: Due to music laws and creative copyrights, the songs may or may not play from your location, so we have included the full list below just in case!
1. Skillet – Awake and Alive
2. Lil Wayne – How to Love
3. Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls
4. Pantera – War Nerve
5. Thunderstruck – ACDC
6. Godsmack – Cryin Like a Bytch
7. Five Finger Death Punch – The Bleeding
8. Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow
9. Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla
10. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
Did your suggestion make the list?

Interview with Darold Higa at Neocrisis!

Hey, want to learn what Darold Higa, our lead producer, thinks about game development and the gaming industry? Go check out this interview at Neocrisis.com!
Here’s a preview to wet your appetite:
What has been your “best moment” while working on Evony?
When every day is spent making games that you enjoy playing, it’s pretty hard to pick just one moment. The most exciting thing for me is that I feel so in synch with the strategic direction of the company. In the past I felt like a lone voice when I’ve talked about how I saw the industry facing a fundamental transformation in how we do business, the way we do business and even who our audience was. These opinions put me in the minority until I started working here.
At Evony I’ve truly felt like everything from game design to the production process has been focused on not just reacting to, but helping to shape a new reality in the game market. Deeply engaging, always on, socially enabled cross platform ubiquitous gaming…all these things described Evony long before these were buzzwords. That is why working here is always exciting.

Player Profile #10: Charlie, Lord Alfred27, Martial Arts Master

KatanaThis month’s player profile is a special one – Charlie (Lord Name: Alfred27, on server 131) comes recommended by another player from server 131, Blake, who told us a bit about Charlie’s inspiring story of triumph. Not to mention, he comes from a family of ninjas.
How long have you been playing Evony, and how did you get started?
Since late December 2009. My youngest son suggested I look at the game; he thought it was like the games I used to play on computers.
We understand you were dealing with some health issues when you first started playing Evony. Were your friends and alliance mates supportive of you?
I was recovering from spinal surgery. It was the first opportunity in many years (between being ‘off the job’ and recently an ‘empty nest’ parent) to engage in something fun like this.
So we hear you have a son! Care to tell us a little about him?
I have three children, all of whom I am very proud of! The youngest (who got me involved in Evony), has the rank of 3rd degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and has a steady job in the manufacturing sector.
Aside from the obvious fact that ninjas and martial arts are two of the most awesome things, what made your son interested in taking up martial arts?
That is a great question. I think there were many reasons. Some of it had to do with being competitive and not doing as well as he would have liked in other things like football.
What made you want to join your son in practicing martial arts?
Actually, at the beginning, I wasn’t interested. I have significant arthritis and joint disease. However; my son insisted that I do martial arts with him! After about a year, I noticed that I was able to deal with my condition much better. Eventually, my spine failed as a result of degeneration. I still practice martial arts in an attempt to forestall another surgery.
Raising a child and making time for your favorite games like Evony can be really fun if you play together. Does your son play Evony with you?
He has not played since some time before my surgery. I’ve spent some time looking for him in the game. When I mentioned it to him he said, “Well, I just started a new job, and I haven’t had as much time right now…” Haha.
Balancing your favorite hobbies can be challenging! How often do you practice martial arts? How often do you play Evony?
I practice martial arts 5-10 hours a week. I also put about that much time into Evony!
So tell us, and no need to be humble here, do you kick as much butt on the Evony battlefield as much as you do at martial arts?
At 58 years old, I like to think, “Yes, I do!” I’m hoping my “stats” in Evony rise up over the next few months to reflect my rank in martial arts a bite more. ;)
Here’s your chance to shine – grab the mic and give a shout-out to your alliance or a good buddy from Evony!
Many thanks to Papa Russ and all the (former) “Crushers” out there who helped me. Gotta say, the ‘Crazy 88s’ definitely have it together.
And special thanks to Tigger for watching while I port without regard to where I’m landing. Captinj, Xena, Scorpio88s, Nifta, Rosy, Thwanie and all the rest! I’ll do my best to keep the ‘vestas’ coming. :)