Player Profile #12: Tiffany, Aspiring Evony Novelist

For our November player profile, Team Evony talked to Tiffany, an aspiring novelist and player on NW02. Tiffany began playing Evony at the recommendation of her son, and the rest is written in the books of battle history.

How long have you been playing, and which Age(s)?
I’ve been playing Age 2 NA35 for about 5 months now. It seems like forever since I spend so much time on it.

What do you do for a living?
I am a Real Estate agent and property manager. I’m also a single mother of the best three boys ever.

What’s something cool/interesting about you that most people don’t know?
I am pretty open, I don’t hide much. I guess it’s that I love to write and I am working on a novel that I’ve been working on it for years. When I am not working and playing Evony I am writing. I love to read everything. I also have a love for cooking. Not many people know but I can cook really well and thought about going to school for it.

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History of the Excalibur

Just a few weeks ago, we asked Evony players what their favorite and most tactical battle item is in the game, and many of you banded together, shouting battle cries of, “Excalibur!” In the game, it may be a week-long 25% attack buff for Heroes, but do you know which actual Historical Hero was the arm behind the true Excalibur?
Excalibur is the sword of legends, wielded by none other than King Arthur himself—or so the legends say. There are many different origin stories of the sword. You all may be familiar with a little story called the Sword in the Stone? In this version of Excalibur’s origins, only “the true king” would be able to yoink this heavy weapon from its stony holdings, which is when Arthur obtained Excalibur and becomes the king. Can you believe that Excalibur actually breaks in the brutal battle between Arthur and Lancelot? Luckily, the Lady of the Lake is said to have repaired it for him.
Other stories say the Lady of the Lake is the one who gave Arthur the Excalibur sword. Merlin brings Arthur to a lake where he meets the Lady of the Meet. A hand then surfaces from the middle of the lake holding the legendary sword. She offers it to Arthur in exchange for a gift. However, the mystery of what that gift was, isn’t written so clearly in the books…
What tale of Excalibur have you heard? Magic and sorcery exist in our books, which story you do you believe is the true history of King Arthur’s sword?

The Evony Wiki


The Evony Wiki is an invaluable resource for all Evony players with detailed information covering all aspects of the game! New players will find a wealth of information on getting started and prospering in the game while dedicatedplayers will easily pull ahead of their competition when they tap into the wiki’s complete knowledge base.
The Evony Wiki has so much to offer it would be impossible to name all of its features! However, if you’re new to the wiki here are the articles you should definitely check out:
• Routine Quests: These quests guide your progress through the game:
• Medals: Everything a player needs to know about medals:
• Prestige: All the information you need about gaining prestige:
• NPCs: NPC and NPC farming information:
In order to keep the Evony Wiki up-to-date, we need dedicated fans to frequent the site and add the information they know! Be sure to get involved and contribute to the community by creating an account and filling in any gaps of information you come across.
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Facebook Fan Round-up: “You Know You Love Evony When…”

Welcome to the latest community round-up, a series of posts in which we shine a spotlight on some of our favorite player comments from the Evony Official Facebook. This time we asked players what was their best “You know you love Evony” moment they had experienced in their everyday lives. For example, “You know you love Evony because you try to pay for everything with cents!” or “You know you love Evony when you friends ask for your address, you give them your coordinates!”
Here are a few great responses you shared with us on our Facebook wall!
Willyum Lamar – “You know you love Evony when you wake up in the middle of the night telling everyone you just capped Atlantis solo…. Then you realize you were asleep…”
Liam Smith – “Every time you pass by a forest, you wonder how many archers are in there.”
Christine Shaw – “I love Evony – for one reason – giving me friends I wouldn’t have without it.”
ReBecca Dunn – “You know someone loves Evony when you give someone your phone number and tell them to text you if you need any resources. Lol.”
Charles Wilson – “You know you love Evony when you fall asleep and start sleep talking saying “I’ve got to upgrade my homes.”
Angel Essman – “You know you love Evony when you’re watching TV and you compare troop counts to the ones on TV. Oh man my archers are better than his………..”
Frederick Burkert – “You know you love Evony when you drive by buildings and wonder what level they are.”
Travis Roe – “You know you love Evony when you think of using a Thunder Raid to make the bus go faster.”
Chamuco Evony – “You know you love Evony that when instead of house hunting for a new home, you call it “scouting”.”
We received so many hilarious comments, it’s just impossible to highlight them all! The only way to get featured here though is to just chat with us regularly on our Facebook posts! If you don’t see your name today, you might be up here next time!
Evony is a fun game to spend time playing, and it’s always interesting to see how time away still ties back into the world of Evony. To our players out there who have fun playing and take the time to laugh at the similarities they see, thank you! Just remember, coordinates are not a valid replacement for your address when you order a pizza. :)
Happy Battling!

Player Profile #11: Kenjo, Evony Private Eye

Meet Kenjo, private eye, both off the field and on the field in Evony! Kenjo was recommended highly by another player, Andrew, for his honorable contributions to new players and the entire community on his server (NA 22). Maybe you know him! He’s been around. :)

Private EyeKenjo, how long have you been playing Evony? What initially attracted you to the game?

I’ve been playing Age II since the advent of server NA 22.

You came highly recommended from another cool, active player in the community. You’re known to help the newbies and those trying to complete difficult quests. What drives you to help others so often in-game?

I think people forget this is a game and forget what it was like when they first started. People develop an ego, and forget what it was like for someone to teach them the game.

Outside of playing Evony, we heard you are passionate about racing! Do you take the track yourself or do you just like to watch from the sidelines?

Yes, I race both Motorcycles and Karts.

If you could own any exotic (read: shiny and expensive!) car, what would it be and why?

An Aston Martin DB9, because it’s not a red one with a horse on it. ;)

With the game being real-time, sometimes a battle on the battlefield can go down in mere minutes flashing before your eyes! Do you ever feel like watching a race is at all like fighting an exciting battle in Evony?

Yes, haha. When someone ports in with ill intentions and things start flashing, my heart rate goes up a bit.

Being from Australia, do you find you have a different experience playing Evony than some of your friends from other countries because of time difference?

No, most people who play Evony either work odd hours or just play pretty often, and often late at night.

As an investigator, your job is an interesting one. Can you tell us what a typical day on the job is like for you?

Well, I can say that you get abused just about every day and everything is your fault. It’s not easy!

Have you found that your investigation skills from work have helped you succeed in Evony? Have a secret reputation for investigating and weeding out the spies we should know about?

Yes, I seem to find out most things that are happening before other people, but I don’t know why…

Would you like to give a shout out to your alliance or any of your in-game friends?

Yes, to Andrew (Warbound), LilB, DirtyAussie and all the crews from NWO and NWO2. And if I could suggest anything for the game, I’d love to see more ways to obtain Silver Keys! :)
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