PayPal Account Switch Notification

Dear Evony lords and queens,
Due to an official notice from PayPal that we need to change our banking account, in order to provide players with a faster and modern payment experience, we’ve changed our receiving account. This adjustment is only affect the ongoing subscription orders. So if you’ve made subscription orders recently, you would not need to cancel your current subscription order. The system will automatically close previous subscription orders, with no follow-up charges. And if you are willing to continue to support us and enjoy the benefits of the subscription order, you can place a new subscription order again into our new receiving account at that time. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! Thank you for your support and cooperation all the time!
Evony Team

Player Profile #13: Adam – Writer and Football Aficionado!

For our January player profile, the Evony team spoke with Adam, a student, novelist, awesome dad, and Evony strategist on NA18. Adam began playing Evony after receiving so invites from many of his friends, and the rest is written in the books of Evony history.

How long have you been playing Evony, and which Age(s) do you play?
I started playing Evony when NA18 opened with a group of real-life friends. I kept receiving Facebook requests from my friends about Evony. I took a look at the game and was immediately hooked. I’ve been playing ever since!

We read a bit about the upcoming novel you’re working on (thanks for sharing!). Would you mind telling us a tiny bit about the plot for the other Evony fans to hear?
It’s a story about a man who reflects back on his life one evening. He remembers (and regrets some) of the decisions he has made, and thinks about how they have shaped his life and situation thus far.

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Stratagems and Strategy: The Empty City

You’ve been drilling the troops for days, training day and night, and you’ve amassed an army the likes of which Evony has never seen. Your supplies are plentiful, your numbers overwhelming, and all of your preparations are complete. Today, all of that work is going to pay off: you’re going to march across the map and finally, finally sack that enemy city that’s been in your sights since you started playing.

Just to be sure, of course, you take a moment to gather some last-minute intelligence on your foe, to make sure you’ve got enough troops to finish the job… but what’s this? The enemy’s numbers are lower than you expected… a little too low. So, here’s the million-prestige question… is this a bluff – or is it a double-bluff? The Stratagem of the Empty City has outfoxed military leaders for centuries, so what chance do you have against it?
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Alliance of the Month #1: EQUINOX

For the month of December we decided to shake things up, venturing away from our monthly play profile and choosing instead to feature an Evony Alliance of the month. The competition was fierce with many great Alliances big and small entering to be picked. We would like to congratulate EQUINOX on being chosen as the first Evony Alliance of the month!

What is your Alliance’s name? Which Age(s) and Server(s) do you play on?
Official alliance name is EQUINOX. We play Evony Age II on server na16 – Gauntlet.

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Winter Warfare

As we delve deeper into the holiday season, battles often become as fierce as winter storms and troop morale can wane. In honor of the winter season and the battles and wars you are currently engaged in, we wanted to share a special blog post with you on winter warfare.

We start off with the Winter War, a military conflict between the Soviet Union and Finland that raged from 1939-1940. The war began with a Soviet offensive against Finland, where the Soviet army seemingly had the upper hand with three times as many infantry soldiers, 30 times the aircraft, and a hundred times as many tanks as the Finnish army. Despite these immense advantages, the Red Army had been recently weakened by Stalin’s Great Purge of 1937. The Great Purge lowered the Soviet army’s morale and efficiency, and saw as many as 30,000 Russian military officers thrown in jail. The Finnish army had higher levels of soldier commitment and morale, which allowed them to resist the Soviet invasion for much longer than expected.

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